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  1. Gibbs

    I been in and out the bank, bitch.

    wheels look crazy dude get this car going fat!
  2. Gibbs

    Ricky's 1991 5spd

    you get your intercooler sorted out?
  3. a w58 if possible chris
  4. Gibbs

    The never ending hole in my pocket

    lol the orginal wheel was warped to shit so i borrowed that one need to change that wheel bearing on that side weekend project right there
  5. Gibbs

    The never ending hole in my pocket

    its my new cres lol $400 bucks and it runs lol couldnt pass it up lol
  6. Gibbs

    The never ending hole in my pocket

    new aqquired Cres gonna be a daily
  7. Gibbs

    My build....1UZ powered hahah

    well mine is breaking up at 5600 rpm due to the fact that my o2 sensor is open to the air from open y pipe that could be one of the problems just trying to help other then that car looks good
  8. Gibbs

    hang yourself

    car is lookin like fucking fire shit looks dope you make me want an x7
  9. looking to see if the mk3 brake master would work on the x8 if so this will save me so much money!!!
  10. yup looking to get front wheel bearings for the new cress i got needs them bad let me know a price if you have this!!
  11. Gibbs

    Wtb front wheel bearings

    its ok ian i order'd the $18 ones they where there and will save you the trouble of pulling them out thanks alot though
  12. lol people are getting in here quick
  13. Gibbs

    Wtb front wheel bearings

    thanks ian let me know!!
  14. Gibbs


    nice andrew bring it by so i can check it out
  15. Gibbs

    My Jzx81 - Drifto

    hawt like fire looks great
  16. Gibbs


  17. Gibbs


    congrats andrew!! bring it by so i can check it out
  18. Gibbs

    another fucking mike

    fuck his cres sits proper but needs a better app gonna have to say fail for now
  19. Gibbs


    need to see some plans for the car and what you would like to do with it and get that shit lower that shit looks like a moutain bike. Imma have to say fail
  20. Gibbs

    What Drive shaft

    all we did tonight was shave the e-brake bracket some and shave on the supra frot carrier bearing peice and it all works fine now
  21. Gibbs

    The never ending hole in my pocket

    so got into some shannigans tonight!!
  22. Gibbs

    What Drive shaft

    well when i put it on my buddy's car i went with the supra front peice and the cres back it fits and all just a little shorter then normal so we where looking for a better fit