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  1. Gibbs

    I been in and out the bank, bitch.

    dude that lip is huge!!!
  2. Gibbs

    Brian's Cressida

    wow that sucks sorry to see that
  3. Gibbs

    JZXpwns' white X8

    aww man you are gonna miss out thomas event should be pretty good!
  4. Gibbs


    haha shit looks nice see you sunday man im gonna try to get another tranny by then....
  5. Gibbs

    1989 2J cressida

    looks like it is coming along good though gush when is your chaser gonna be here?
  6. Gibbs


    hmm very clever with that is300 rad ill see you tommorow so we can get that dif welded!
  7. Gibbs

    less celica, moar cressida!

    gotta watch those timing belts they will creep up on you just happen to me last month lol
  8. Gibbs

    Chasers Lil Bitch Sister.......

    nice find man
  9. the pilot bearing for a 2jz will work on the 1j correct?
  10. Gibbs

    The never ending hole in my pocket

    got some new goodies in the mail going to install this weekend got my tranny and shit out today shit is not fun by yourself also got to go one peice drive shaft seeming bolts like to strip....
  11. Gibbs

    less celica, moar cressida!

    what are you lacking on your 1.5j?
  12. Gibbs

    less celica, moar cressida!

  13. Gibbs

    less celica, moar cressida!

    thats from the na 7m right?
  14. what kind of rack is that lol?
  15. Gibbs

    Building up the cresta

    good progress get this thing going asap!!
  16. Gibbs


    andrew!! if you need some help let me know im about to take my tranny out tommorow clutch is on its way so gotta get i all ready!! and i got a place that can weld your dif at we can do it let me know
  17. funny how the celica supra rims make all the older toyota's look so much better
  18. i feel like there is alot of oh this is what im gonna do on here....
  19. Gibbs

    less celica, moar cressida!

    this motor is gonna be dope once it is dropped in!
  20. Gibbs

    Ricky's 1991 5spd

    just take the abs out dude.
  21. Gibbs

    Ricky's 1991 5spd

    whats the problem you ran into?
  22. Gibbs

    Toyota Diagnostic Codes

    thanks for this post gush!!
  23. Gibbs

    X pics only!!!!

    admin: this isnt the first time ive had to edit your posts. in the future PLEASE take a minute to review or proof read your scripts and posts via preview post button BEFORE you click submit. youtube tags only require the youtube ID code, in this case it is "MnZqw7FNlK0". the youtube embed url is not required.