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  1. Gibbs

    FS - NA 2J with BHG

    this a whole motor set?
  2. Gibbs

    89 Cressida parts needed

    true that dude thats alot of shit
  3. ok before you are blasted by members make a intro thread and there is a search button on here members will suggest you use it but it doesnt matter which jz you go with they both fit snug just know your wiring and get jzx81 mounts or mounts from 7mx63 cause he is making mount mock ups for the jz motor in the x83 but other then that use the search button on the forum it helps alot
  4. Gibbs


    get that shit r154 fast other then that looks nice
  5. looking for a used map sensor for 1j/2j let me know if anyoe has oe laying around
  6. Gibbs

    bradlee's X8...

    my megans are 8k which are crap but usally people go with 10k it seems to work beautifully i will be upgrading to 14/10
  7. Gibbs

    The never ending hole in my pocket

    Time for some updates! Got some coilovers finally! (Megans) Sorry G all i could afford... And other goodies! They can go way lower but i am rubbing already. Got some rims mounted car looks better... Map sensor decided to go out 2 days ago so gotta fix that.. Brown cressida is running strong with motor #2 first motor was pretty much junk from the get go still got to get some updated pics of it. Other buddy got his mk2 holset'd the night we are getting the first test drive in in our shops parking lot this dumb fuck decides to t-bone us for hauling ass in the parking lot and fucking ruins the car (pics below). Now he has a clean X7 project cause everything is pretty much a easy swap over (pics below of it). I will be updating on that as the build goes along. Enjoy the pics hate it or love it comments are welcome'd Z wheels for the Brown X8 R154! Pics of the mk2 wrecked The Holset when it was almost complete Now his new X7 project Enjoy!
  8. Gibbs

    bradlee's X8...

    whats the spring rate on the jic's?
  9. Gibbs

    bradlee's X8...

    cool beans car looked like it has alot of body roll
  10. Gibbs

    my x7 daily

    going for the HoodRide look?
  11. Gibbs

    JZXpwns' white X8

    gonna be at lonestar bash next month thomas?
  12. Gibbs

    If I can't smoke and swear i'm fucked!

    how do you like the megans so far?
  13. Gibbs

    The never ending build

    cool cool congrats man!
  14. dude im interested in this also let me know whenfinal product is done!
  15. Gibbs

    SERIALNINE Facebook page now up!

    fan status aquired
  16. Gibbs

    Wizard People, Dear Reader

    how far on your car are you now?
  17. Gibbs

    Alex's Build

    where did you get the uras vent from? friend wants to do this pretty bad
  18. Gibbs

    Building up the cresta

    good luck man shit is starting to look real good
  19. Gibbs

    Alex's Build

    this my friend is one clean ass cresta!! liking this front swap more and more
  20. Gibbs

    Drift event photos. Everyone waste money!

    G was fucking full of smoke!
  21. Gibbs

    Brian's Cressida

    sick congrats brian
  22. Gibbs


    whats going down with that new shell?
  23. Gibbs


    taking that you sold your wheels??
  24. Gibbs

    kenny's old school supra

    fuck that fitment is sexy
  25. Gibbs

    American style tuning:

    gonna go 1j or 2j?