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  1. I just plain don't like domestics period
  2. Lol hey mutha fuckers I own a vw gti it's never gave me any problems been a perfect daily but it will be sold soon I hope if buddy can get the loan
  3. Gibbs

    Fuck you Im back!

    Try adjusting your idle screw I had to do that and check for vaccums
  4. Check your coil pack wires and maybe your fuses
  5. Gibbs

    JZXpwns' white X8

    you painted to marquee wheels?
  6. Gibbs

    JZX90 Cresta - CheeseCake

    Sick so how does it feel?
  7. Gibbs

    Finally got some pics of the new car

    i dont like how the grill is other then that nice stance
  8. Gibbs

    vvti 1j cressida build

    yeah looking for some updates on this one haha
  9. Gibbs

    The never ending hole in my pocket

    Nope got all that installed then my map sensor went out so.... i cant wait
  10. Gibbs

    MX83 suspension parts for sale

    how much for rca's?
  11. Gibbs

    The never ending hole in my pocket

    So im slowly polishing this turd 7m needs monies to get the head resurface then it can all go back together. On another note just need $50 bucks and i can get map sensor for race car from mark AphxHero just some high heat paint metal flake and clear cloat all rattle can meh this turd isnt nothing speacial just need to get some money and get me a na 2j for a daily
  12. Gibbs

    X8 Kidhauler Baller

    Oh just snagged a gs one then? All in all looks very nice can't wait to see this thing running.
  13. Gibbs

    The Q45, new video page 4

    Yeah that would be worth a try but thing is gotta get it right the first time I'm sure those shifter linkaes are just laying around lol
  14. Gibbs

    X8 Kidhauler Baller

    Looks nice Man the sc300 2j is front sump?
  15. sorry to hear man and i hope all the best for you and your family mn stay strong you are doing a good job
  16. Gibbs

    FS: Misc parts, JZX stuff, etc

    whats up on those front stock fenders ill take them let me know!
  17. Wow I also missed this man sorry to hear that I just recently lost my baby to a miss carriage. It had a heartbeat then lost it was pretty sad but stay strong man. That is one hard decicion to make there and may my prayers be with you man
  18. Car has got nice stance and good angle man good work
  19. Gibbs

    American style tuning:

    hmm 1.5j is seeming to get better and better maybe go that rout? Holset and your set
  20. Gibbs

    Alex's Build

    Make me some brackets?
  21. Gibbs

    My 1uzx83 budget build

    should be cool gl!
  22. Gibbs

    My 1uzx83 budget build

    Are you gonna be good on rad support that is looking aweful close there
  23. Gibbs

    Alex's Build

    How much would you charge to make me some tension rods in the front like that?
  24. Gibbs

    7mgte swap

    It's anfairly easy swap dude check out my build thread in fuckin showoffs and you will have all you need