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  1. Gibbs

    i just wanna look good for you

    damn wtf this is to fucking rad
  2. Gibbs

    WTB Axle for X8

    well wanna do it lol
  3. Gibbs

    WTB Axle for X8

    threads on mine are fucked
  4. Gibbs

    WTB Axle for X8

    anyone got a spare axle they want to part ways with?
  5. Gibbs

    Kyle Anson's Cresshita Build Thread

    also never had problems with streeter
  6. everything fit just fine and bolted up like normally. I haven't driven the car yet but i will be this week and check back in
  7. Gibbs

    Mediocre at Cresst - now with nsfw autophilia

    yeah putting the battery there is def risky. i have it there in my street car but in the race car its behind my seat. good thing it is as i crushed that quarter last event
  8. took time welding it as it does have the plastic seat in it made sure we kept it alive the ball joints are literally $3. also i cant stand facebook so no haven't been there lately. made sure i didn't have to worry about it falling out on me in case the snap ring does fail.
  9. made a video on how i cheap fixed my rear upper control arm ball joints
  10. Gibbs

    Mediocre at Cresst - now with nsfw autophilia

    yes highly recommend heat shielding stuff! when you take it drifting things are gonna get 2x hotter then what they are getting now and start tearing shit up that isnt heat wrapped
  11. im honestly thinking it went limp mode with the knock sensor due to bottom end rattle off rev's
  12. car wont rev passed 4k and checked throttle already also just found it has a rattle in the bottom end coming off of revs....
  13. so recently my wife overheated her is300 (bad radiator cap) and the car went into limp mode. i had to change all of the front seals on the motor anyways so i did that and put a new radiator cap on it, along with a new bank 2 sensor 1 o2 sensor, timing belt and vapor sensor as it was broke. None of this stuff has fixed the problem and the car is throwing no codes sadly any ideas?
  14. Gibbs

    Kyle Anson's Cresshita Build Thread

    i hated using stock ebrake hydro just simplifies things makes driving more fun/easy for me