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About Me

If I am so fortunate as to have a visitor, even occasionally, such that the person is not repulsed by the essence of me and continues to be a fan, I thank you. However, I will fear the reality of this and will not be able to be honest knowing that I'm under another's scrutiny. So do not tell me, dear stranger, that you have found the secret of my heart. Rather I beg that you be gentle, and not judge me too harshly. For I am, in reality, just a vulnerable child.

Black 1990 Toyota Cressida
Current modifications:
1.5jz swap (1jz head, 2jz block single turbo with bigger injectors), r154 manual conversion, serialnine stance coilovers (waiting for arrival), welded diff, Bride seats, 5zigen FN01RC wheels (to be sold), Nardi Steering Wheel, Custom made Rouge Status Shift Boot, and a few others (most of which are for more performance or to make the 1.5jz compatible with my cressida).

Previous modifications:
w58 tranny conversion
cut Eibach springs from an S13

Here I go...
My name's Julie Van, and I'm 20 years old. I hope to become a surgeon one day...so far medically I've only had experience as a medical assistant, medical interpreter, and emergency medical/room technician. I've had lots of hours riding with firefighters doing some advance life support and years of involvement with Good Samaritan Medical-Dental Ministry (gsmdm.org)--it's a medical mission group. We have two missionary trips every year, and last summer alone, we saw over 4000 patients who would have not received medical attention otherwise and paid for over 100 surgeries that made the difference between life and death. I'm surrounded by wonderful people, and I hope to meet more everyday.

My passion is helping people and learning more. I come from a family of nine, and I'm the 5th and youngest girl. My parents are my heroes, and they're the ones that always challenge me to be a better person. My dad's a mechanic, and his "shop" is in our garage--he's endured endless sacrifices to raise his family of 9 as well as our relatives in Vietnam. My mom has been a manicurist at the same shop for over 20 years, and she's the best in the shop but still gets paid less than minimum wage. Despite my financially unstable background, my parents have instilled in us morals that include patience, trust, integrity, compassion, and God. I feel very fortunate to have such wonderful parents, and I do give all that I can to them.

I not only go to school full-time, I also work full-time to help support my family and volunteer full-time to help people in less medically advantageous countries. I'm probably one of the nicest people in the world, and I'm always trying too hard to help. If there's anything that I can do to help you, please feel free to tell me. If you're ever taking a science class, need help with music/violin, feel that you need someone to talk/hang out with--I'm more than welcome to be that helping hand.

In this past year, I realized that I'd never had the chance to be a "kid." I never got to do most things that I wanted to do--and this year, I find myself trying to live as many childhood dreams as I can while I can. Thus, I'm here. So...please go a little easy on me and help me out, guys. I don't know much, and I'll admit that, but I'm trying.