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  1. Hater

    JIC X8 Tie Rods - Fucked........

    Holy fuck do want!
  2. Hater

    Update on the X8

    Gordo, stfu, he gets it. I am trying to make some fucking money up in here nigga.
  3. Hater

    1JZ-VVT-i X8 From Florida - Party Time

    Ah well, I was going to ask about your fuel setup. I am doing a relatively simple setup running switched and fused power to the pump and putting the injectors and coils into their own respective systems with power. Then running a FPR which should eliminate the whole fuel control ecu shit. From what I've concluded through my research is ecu only needs like 10 wires from the cressida chassis harness. But the deleting and extending is probably work paying for. How much did he charge you? Are you keeping the ac and what ecu are you running, auto? I think we have different goals here but i'd like to see your harness when it gets back if you dont mind posting pics. Yellow-Feva, Broward. A/s/l?
  4. Hater

    1JZ-VVT-i X8 From Florida - Party Time

    How is this swap going? I too am doing a 1jvvti and live in florida. Swap looks good, interesting to see how the w58 works on there. You are correct they are pretty fucking cheap, so why not? I agree, work with what you've got. Have you already finished your wiring?
  5. Hater

    Update on the X8

    Buy my mk2 w58 setup for super cheap and go beat the shit out of it right now. You want to be cool, right? Or stay stock and and dd this thing which makes no sense at all unless your drive with a bunch of people who smoke all the fucking time. I guess would justify the shitty gas and unreliability issues. Unless you live in Australia
  6. Hater

    Stopping power, LS400 calipers on X8

    Shit, those things are massive! shouldn't matter which side the calipers are on.
  7. Hater

    WTB r154 1jz/2jz OEM Toyota flywheel

    Is there actually flywheels for sale in here? Ill take juan of those plz.
  8. Hater

    Mats Baribeau at Formula Drift Atlanta

    If you guys missed it, @ 38:00 or so Mats lays down his run. http://new.livestream.com/accounts/2858751/events/2103784
  9. Ah yes, thats what I ment, the hydrofan. I've seen a bunch with them, and a ton like yours. I'm curious if one was superior to the other. Good info
  10. ^x2 How is a cooling system different on a vvti compared to a non vvti? I see so many chaser engines online with them, was there a cut off year or is it a different chassis? Build looks pretty sick
  11. If you were an original owner they might probably care, otherwise they will probably say "you shoulda googled that shit before you bought it, dumbass." Except written in japanese.
  12. Hater

    How to take off steering wheel

    I used tools to get mine off. Im really glad I own some and know how to use them, makes working on cars really fun!