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  1. Got someone interested in this. Transmission?
  2. JZXpwns

    '79 jzx32 SHAKOTAN ZOMBIE

    win. but your car is already win. so i dont even, what
  3. JZXpwns

    Back in an X

    Finally got around to repainting that nasty radiator and fan shroud. Looks lots better And painted the grill inserts too
  4. JZXpwns

    Let's See Some Tow Rigs!

    Id definitely upgrade the brakes bigtime
  5. JZXpwns

    Let's See Some Tow Rigs!

    Lol, I dont need a $50000 truck and 11,000,004 ft lbs of torque to haul around a busted ass drift car and some tires.
  6. JZXpwns

    Let's See Some Tow Rigs!

    you guys are gay 74 F100, 390, c6. More than enough.
  7. JZXpwns

    Back in an X

    Intake manifold gasket time Mechanical fuel pump removed, made a block off plate. Cleaned up the intake and deleted a bunch of useless water lines n stuff. All back together and clean.
  8. JZXpwns

    Back in an X

    Here's a MarkII, the body style before mine. Says its in Downey. http://losangeles.craigslist.org/lgb/cto/2570272786.html
  9. JZXpwns

    Back in an X

    It's been super reliable with the Weber carb. I registered it as an Antique to avoid state inspections. But I think it has developed a vacuum leak this week, I runs good in throttle but stutters in idle. I'll probably throw some new intake and carb gaskets on, see if that fixes it.
  10. JZXpwns

    Back in an X

  11. JZXpwns

    Finally off my ass

    Have I seen your car on Craigslist?? I live in Abilene, not too far from you.
  12. JZXpwns

    RWD 1j CAMRY

    car looks and sounds pretty good. That Galaxie in your photostream is awesome! 1965, 66?