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  1. cocobutterz

    Dual caliper setup mx83

    im in
  2. cocobutterz

    WTB: 5M or 2J NA.

    is this the red one?
  3. cocobutterz

    Want: US Lower Valance/Lip

    wtf, 7 dollars?
  4. cocobutterz

    Wiring - MX83/JZX81 1JZ

    Skip the factory fuel pump relay. get a 30a 12v relay, and an inline fuse holder, take the FP trigger wire from the ecu and run it to the relay, then ground it, and run a 12v from the battery to the relay then to the fuel pump. takes like 10 minutes, costs 8 bucks, and you will have full 12v to the pump all the time, and the safety of an ecu triggered relay.
  5. cocobutterz


    HAHA! Stephen! seriously dude, this is the one thing not to fuck around on, it will haunt you as long as you own the car. There are few things more fucking annoying than wiring demons, not to mention shit could start on fire.
  6. cocobutterz


    any of the reputable shops around here can do it for you, or you can do it yourself, it's beyond simple. maybe Guy can do it? idk. I would offer to do it, but ehhhhh
  7. I'm closer to alberta than Dustin, just saying..
  8. cocobutterz


    I got one. make it worth my time.
  9. cocobutterz

    Midnight Battle Station

    Go shimless? I believe 3sge buckets or something like that make it so you don't need to run shims. I know the poopra guys do something like that all the time when running big cams.
  10. cocobutterz


    I thought Mo banned this kid the other night.... yet I'm still seeing dumbness.
  11. cocobutterz

    gonna need a 1j head soon

    give me a call man 360 202 7758
  12. cocobutterz

    gonna need a 1j head soon

    Okay so now the time has come that I actually need this, who wants to deal?
  13. cocobutterz

    MX83 Drifting

    Oh my god he just keeps wasting bandwidth with pictures of this shitmobile.
  14. thats 57.1 miles of what looks like pure fucking awesome. car looks rad man, i'm definitely a fan.