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  1. Hi All, Long time since I posted up. I have a friend is in need of a speed sensor for his R154 for his 1J swap. Any of y'all have one? Are there any other speed sensors that would work? Will one from a W work? Hit me back y'all. I'll get my dude to sign up and post up his progress. Peace y'all. V!
  2. I changed my mind about selling this stuff. Just pay for shipping and it is yours. The shipping for the lenses in a padded envelove should be less than 4USD. The lift supports may fit in a flat rate box and those usually ship for about 5USD. Hit me up before I gift wrap them and give them away to a random X7 owner.
  3. Price drop!!!! 15USD for the hood lift supports and 7USD for the lenses. Both prices include shipping but exclude the PayPal fees.
  4. Hi JZXP, I have X7 hood lift supports that I got thinking that they would work on my X8 and...they don't so they are available to a new home. The worked great on the donor car so they should work great on your X7. I will take 20USD shipped within the U.S. I also have a pair of Toyota Camry clear lenses that have a few cracks and are a little dirty but can be easily cleaned up. I will take 10USD shipped for these. I have been wanting to sell these for a while but had no time until today to take photos. No need in posting a for sale thread without pictures; that's just stupid. Anyway. Hit me up. This stuff came off when using my finger nail so it should scrub off.
  5. llerrav619

    MKII Supra 2JZ Swap

    DAYUMMM. Phucc the bullsh!t y'all, this is off the chain. I look at it like this, I wouldn't change a thing. I'm from the south where fast and "ugly" (meaning not candy painted and blah blah blah) is the norm. I love it. Keep doing it big home boy.
  6. llerrav619


    ::spits out drink onto monitor:: SC400s don't have 2JZs? Well I'll be!!!
  7. HAHAHAHAHA. So I've heard not so good things about the W58 when running it with a turbo JZ. I hope to have it road worthy soon.
  8. Kyle Phelan, I may try that. The previous owner installed a Viper alarm and all of the extra modules that I had to remove to get the clutch pedal to go in all the way are the ones that I am concerned about. He did a super tight install so there is like no slack on the module plugs to relocate them. I'll figure it out though. ---- zokustyle, The oil level is good. I filled it up with the recommended amount which was about 3 to 4 litres if I remember correctly. The transmission was totally empty when I bought it. ---- Mo, I did actually install the clutch disc correctly. In fact the clutch disc will only go on one way because the transmission side of the clutch disc will not allow the disc to rest fully on the flywheel when using the alignment tool. And as a "CYA" on Exedy's side, the clutch disc reads "T/M Side" to help folks see how to properly install it. ---- I thank you guys for the ideas.
  9. Toyotatodd, I will try that to make sure that the clutch is not damaged at all. That will be a last resort because putting that thing in was a pain in the neck. I hope that it is not that though. ------------ CominInHot, My pedal is a little funky as well. It seemed to be a slightly loose so that may actually be contributing to the issue. ------------ 7MX63, The old slave had a lot of rust and corrosion in it and the new one was not so bad but I will definitely check it again. When looking at the fork move when someone is pressing the clutch, it does not seem to travel much; maybe an inch. To my understanding, the fork needs to travel roughly two inches or more to properly disengage the clutch. Is that true? I will check that too. ------------ Kyle Phelan, Yep, all of the electrical boxes are clear, even all of the extra ones for the alarm. In fact, I am trying to figure out how in the world I am going to put them back in now that the clutch pedal is there. Oh well. ------------- To everyone, these are all great ideas so I will work with what you all have suggested and I will be following up with you all soon. Thank you all so much. V!
  10. Oh yes. That was the first that we did after we got the trans in; bled the slave on the old one and the replacement one. I forgot to list that in one of my previous posts. I thought that it would have been better with the new slave because the old one would stick because of all of the crap inside of it. Any other ideas? I'm not ready to throw the towel in on this one. I am at a point of no return.
  11. Yep I tried that. When starting, the car lurches forward and will only stay still when the brakes are applied with the clutch disengaged (foot on it). It continues to run but when removing my foot from the clutch it moves but will not shift into any other gear. It is almost like trying to shift without using the clutch. Any ideas?
  12. Yeah, you may be right. It's weird because I used the alignment tool when I mounted the disk and the pressure plate to the flywheel so I thought that it would have been perfect. I even hammered the pilot bearing a few times into the back of the crank just to make sure that it was in as far as it needed to be. I'm going to work on it this weekend and get the wiring part done too. I follow the diagram that I found on toyotacressida.net and it did not work when trying to start the car. Let me know if y'all have any other ideas or suggestions so I can get that thang on the road. Thank you.
  13. ChriSOL, Yep, everything is installed properly and no missing parts. I do remember that the transmission was a little bit of a pain to put in but after I finally rented a transmission jack, it was a little easier to get it on the engine but for some reason, it did not slide on all the way before I was able to bolt it down. ---- CominInHot, Before the transmission was installed, it went through all of the gears pretty easily. The seller claimed that the donor MKIII only had 80,000 on it when he pulled the motor and trans from it at the junk yard. I did have to remove the throwout bearing assembly to have a new one pressed on and put it all back on because it only goes on one way so that the clips line up. I greased it all , put it back together and proceeded to install the transmission. ---- To All, This was my first time installing a transmission while the engine was still in the car and I recall that I could not get it to to slide on all the way for the life of me. I had to get it to a point where it was as close as possible and bolted it up the rest of the way to get the trans fully seated to the engine block. Man for something so simple, I am stumped.
  14. What's up JZXP? I compleded my W58 swap (with the help of Wendal) and when the car is running, it will not go into gear. So I replaced the clutch master cylider with a new one from B.A.P. and the slave cylinder that is in fairly new condition. I adjusted the clutch pedal to get the slave to push out further and still nothing. The clutch is a brand new Exedy OEM replacement and the flywheel is new from B.A.P. I am not going to give up on this car so any helpful info that you all have would be greatly appreciated. Let me know what y'all think so that I can get my car back on the road. Thank you guys in advance. V!