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  1. WhoreMouth_Jr

    Fiberglass parts D_ApexWorks mx83/jzx81

    I bet if you had a new person message him to place a new order he would reply very quickly 😂
  2. WhoreMouth_Jr

    Fiberglass parts D_ApexWorks mx83/jzx81

    Ya was josh and another dude in Hawaii. Eventually they got there stuff, but kept getting excuses from the dude.
  3. WhoreMouth_Jr

    Fiberglass parts D_ApexWorks mx83/jzx81

    I recant. His prices where nice, but the parts themselves are not great. The packaging is very poor. The finish on the pieces really isn't nice. Gel coat is trash. A few of my friends ordered kits through him, same thing wants money within minutes, expects you to send friends and family and then just ghosts for long periods of time. My one buddy has huge chunks missing out of the Gel coat and several corners are straight up broken off. I've been trying to get them to post their shit here so people know not to buy. 100% would not recommend.
  4. WhoreMouth_Jr

    SCG 6 piston bracket kit

    what car almost hit 9s?
  5. WhoreMouth_Jr

    SCG 6 piston bracket kit

    You slippin old man? He stated its unopened so you can easily google what they look like. Price is shipped, his location is therefor not really necessary. Also he's already got an intro: which you can find in 5 seconds by clicking on his name
  6. WhoreMouth_Jr

    Gordo's X8 Ramblings

    Not sure what I would value higher, Getting from point A to B without having to pull over and let my "carbs thaw" or a car that starts and idles smooth. This thread needs less truck more X8 magic. I'm start posting my dodge shitter truck in my thread haha
  7. WhoreMouth_Jr

    Gordo's X8 Ramblings

    I heard they don't really live though
  8. Congrats budd, Did you get Beau the wonder on it?
  9. WhoreMouth_Jr

    Curse of the Cressida

    Always love seeing your collection of cars ❤️
  10. WhoreMouth_Jr

    Sleeper MX83 build

    Don't wanna let you down too hard but, you will most likely have to do some finish work on it. @vampirebeats got the kit and sides he can give you the deets hah
  11. WhoreMouth_Jr

    demogorgon15's trusty ol steed

    They don't clear any of my shitspec wheels. Have an 18mm bolt on always installed in the front. It's not much of an offset thing as it is a hubspacing (or what ever the word is) thing. I have 2 pairs of the same "offset" equips but they have different "disk-types" one clears other doesn't.
  12. WhoreMouth_Jr

    It's an old Toyota at least so fuck off.

    ^^ and it's about 5x cleaner than anything kyle would let him self own
  13. WhoreMouth_Jr

    X pics only!!!!

    ^^ I agree this thread needs a revival Hands down best body style, color combo x7. One day I'll sell my prius and buy one rest of pix: http://high-top-fade.blogspot.com/2012/11/blog-post_9668.html?m=1
  14. WhoreMouth_Jr

    Money pit build

    Hey man, this is the PNW if you aren't doing what panic/rich says your setup is wack! Although swapping a v8 to spin 195s is pretty similar to single swapping to make 20 more hp. To eacher his own
  15. WhoreMouth_Jr

    Money pit build

    ^^ Ya man if your not on a full XM catalog including a link your car will never run right...