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  1. WhoreMouth_Jr

    Bought a Mark II JZX81

    ^^ I bet flying in Beau would be cheaper than most local tuners too 😎 (unless he raised his rate) I know it's true for the tuners in my area, especially if you split the travel expense with another person wink wink Brian haha
  2. WhoreMouth_Jr

    Bought a Mark II JZX81

    ^^ Oh?? Make sure to hit up mark panic for that harness, although your e-cred might not be enough to be allowed in the harness queue. I know mine wasn't =(
  3. WhoreMouth_Jr

    Fuel cell's

    ^^ I do regret not running one in my current setup. I guess it's never too late to add one in though I just didn't want to drill and bring gas into the trunk
  4. WhoreMouth_Jr

    Fuel cell's

    ^^ Isn't that how it is in 90s or 100s? I swear I've seen the tanks int he trunk
  5. WhoreMouth_Jr

    Bought a Mark II JZX81

    ^^ all the ECUs you listed have more or less the same features. From experience I can definitely say pick the ECU the tuner you trust recommends.
  6. I don't think he's arguing why would you want less Ackerman. I think his point is that in order to go between the "modes" any adjustment no matter how easy it is to adjust the part, would have to be paired with an alignment. I think for most people the effort of switching modes between "daily" and "drift" or what have you isn't worth it. I have lifetime alignment on both of the drift cars and I still would be too lazy to deal with that.
  7. WhoreMouth_Jr

    Fuel cell's

    I know John Sea on here did a fuel cell when he made that wild x13 xmember his x7. I can probably dig up the photos
  8. WhoreMouth_Jr

    Kyle Anson's Cresshita Build Thread

    @battleaxe http://www.finelinetuning.net/category/cressida
  9. WhoreMouth_Jr

    Family Truckster X83

    ^^ If you look at other videos they did, they basically tried capitalizing on viral videos in the car world with stuff like WB-40 instead of oil? Ziptie Tires? Filling a tire with water?
  10. WhoreMouth_Jr

    X81 hard top parts and 3sge swap

    ^^ He's not wrong, why you think you can't remove an iphone battery
  11. WhoreMouth_Jr

    1jz mx83 wiring using Aristo ECU

    @jzxseven Bermuda wire open yet?
  12. WhoreMouth_Jr

    Team Running Again Mostly version x.7

    ^^ Looks similar to most posted on that tire picture website https://tyrestretch.com/9.0-215-40-R17/
  13. WhoreMouth_Jr

    Team Running Again Mostly version x.7

    Thanks Kyle babe ❤️ I am a huge fan of the rears and their staggered lip. I hope I can find that option when I'm looking for new lips for the 17s. Flat lips are dookie. 215/40/17 I think I did some math and it made it really really close total diameter wise to my 16x9 with 215/50/16 so I wouldn't have to adjust height. I'm pretty sure I looked for the sticker but it was super washed out and unreadable/faded. I bet it would look better with 225s. maybe I won't go to 10 wide and I'll just do 9.5 instead so 235s should look alright *edit* Just looked and my floaty steering is a floating rack, the drivers side bushing is done-zo
  14. WhoreMouth_Jr

    Team Running Again Mostly version x.7

    I think forgot to mention that the charging problem ended up being the alternator itself (most likely the regulator was damaged) I still will redo the sense wire once I figure out my new found floating steering. But ya finally got those arms back in and all tightened up and my steering still blows, been a while since I drove it last so I don't remember if it was this bad before. But it's also highly possiible that I accidentally toed the arms in by making the arms longer (Didn't count how many turns I had the old ones threaded out.) But my rack boots are also dripping so most likely my rack is wack anyways and I probably won't waste an alignment seeing if it's just toed in a lot. In other positive news I tried the 17s out and they don't look as donk as I thought they would, The tires I tried were a little too small for my taste (visually) but I think I like them enough to get new barrels for them and run bigger tires. They currently fit like shit, allegedly they are 17x9 +20something (probably more like +30 something but I don't know shit about wheel specs) but there is no way because my 16x9+20 something fit way better and the photos below on the 17s include a spacer to clear the center bore that is too small for Nissan hubbs. I'll have to have them bored out when I have them apart. Also finally mounted the sides all previous photos where of them just sitting on the car to convince myself they look ok.
  15. WhoreMouth_Jr

    WTB 89 Engine Harness

    I got one with the most important connectors removed 😎