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  1. DirtyMonkey

    Suspension for road-course/grip. Flame away.

    I ran my MX83 at Willow Spring raceway on SOW. I would contact FEAL performance and see what they could offer. They can do custom valving, custom setup, and could do penske suspension. Setup: BC coilovers 16kg f/ 14kg rear MK3 LSD with Weird rebuild kit 4.3 18x9.5 on 265/45 1jz non vvti r154 best time SOW CCW: 1.30.xx. faster guys run in the high 20's I also been tracking the GS400 with r154 .
  2. DirtyMonkey

    drunking wiring is gone, need help with wiring.

    Its not my fault that mishimoto screwed me over. You guys don't know the full story. When I first started with them about making a radiator for the mx83, I asked if I could do a group buy when all is finished. Well shit when all was done I called him up to set up a group buy. Well he told me to go and set it up with a one of the distributor online. Tried it and didn't happen. So I'm sorry if things didn't work out. I was going to sell you the radiator @ whatever I got it for + shipping. But heck I guess you guys and gals won't let it go. And I have tried searching through the forum to find my answers.
  3. Final stages of wiring, we are doing the interior wiring can anyone give me the pin outs or what we need to wire up. Jzx90 5spd to 90/91 mx83. Was searching google for awhile looking for the b3 connetro from engine harness to body harness. No luck. Thanks.
  4. DirtyMonkey


    Pm Sent. still waiting.
  5. Very nice, Waiting to get some coilovers for my ride. 02 Is300 MSM Factory LSD
  6. DirtyMonkey

    RIP Hiromu Naruse

    This is old news, but it still sucks that we lost a great Toyota master mind.
  7. Fucking HOly Hell Thread bump. HAHAh sorry everyone, been sort of busy trying to get into the military and stuff. I e-mailed them a week ago asking about the ETA and stuff for the radiators and Drum roll Please!!!!!!!!! The radiator is scheduled to be released end of April / early May. The order is currently on its way to our warehouse from the factory. so cross your fingers and i hope you guys and gals are still interested.
  8. DirtyMonkey

    feeler: part out jzx90

    sent you a pm awhile ago.
  9. DirtyMonkey

    SERIALNINE Facebook page now up!

    done and done.
  10. DirtyMonkey


    Thanks for the Update G.
  11. DirtyMonkey

    WTB- YAkima Roof Bike Rack

    I need a Yakima Roof Bike rack, 48" Qtower. LMK what you got.
  12. DirtyMonkey

    Serial Nine IS300 components?

    HAHAH Major Bump thump. RISE From the dead.
  13. DirtyMonkey

    FS: 1978 Cressida - quick sale

    In before the Lock. You will be banned and never ever allowed in this Forum again. You got to read the rules and OBEY!
  14. DirtyMonkey

    I was serious you assholes!

    how much are you looking for?
  15. DirtyMonkey

    I was serious you assholes!

    WTF is this in your Photobucket full of cars?