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  1. Guy Smiley

    giving up, giving in

    If FD copied their rules about electrical from NHRA it might actually be safe. I'm pretty sure they still don't require a breaker at the battery.
  2. Guy Smiley

    1JZ-VVT-i X8 From Florida - Party Time

    Why do people use E85 on rotaries? I would think after the first 20 motors that blew around the country people would catch on to the fact that alcohol and oil do not mix.
  3. Guy Smiley


    DSM's are 2.0L. That is the main thing I was talking about. A great turbo for a 2.0L may not be great on a 3.0L, how does that not make sense. Sorry I didn't spell it out for you bitch. Also, I don't "brand dick-ride", I'm just trying to help you from putting time into a stupid build, but you're on this site in the first place so that goes out the window. If you get a Holset for $200, sure run it. If you buy a brand new one? You're a fucking idiot considering the Borg Warner is nearly the same cost for wayyyy better performance. Just look at Marks build. He made just above 500 on 16psi with his borg. Sure he had AEM and and some more compression than GTE folks but you would be hard pressed to make those numbers as easily and cost effectively with any other turbo. Prove me wrong, please. And tell us about your cool friend with 580. You can also make 550 with steel wheel twins so who fucking cares.
  4. Guy Smiley

    x7 Drive shaft issues

    It gives me false sense of security, Don't take that away.
  5. Guy Smiley

    x7 Drive shaft issues

    The threaded insert in the body is probably fucked up by the force of the drivesaft flopping around. Also, don't ever use Nylock's on something the gets hot. The nylon will melt and then the positive pressure from tightening the bolt will be gone... as you figured out. Lock washers and a little dab of loctite is all you should need. As for the carrier bearing stuff, if the threaded insert is fucked... one-piece driveshaft.
  6. Guy Smiley


    Same thing I had when running an HX35. I actually went faster when my giant knock-off gate opened. Hearing turbine noise at idle was cool, but then it tipped me off that something might be a little constipated.
  7. Guy Smiley

    American style tuning:

    It smells like a sporting goods store in a small rural town.
  8. Guy Smiley


    It has everything to do with heat, and JZ's generate more heat quicker than the Cummins motors. It has everything to do with Diesel compared to Gas because it has everything to do with HEAT. Heat is the sole component that moves the turbine so more heat equals more spool, and if JZ's generate more heat than the 5.9L then you will have the issue I brought up that the turbine and housing are too small. If the turbine housing is too small, the JZ will over-spool the turbo and the turbo will begin to surge which heats up the air coming out of the compressor, damages the turbo, and throws VE out the door since hotter air has less oxygen in it. Less oxygen means less combustion meaning less "horsepower". And considering "Horsepower" is only a measurement of WORK completed over a given TIME, that shows why the cummins has less Horsepower than our engines. Sure, the motor is bigger, but it's TIME is limited, meaning RPM. A 3.0L motor can do the same amount of work as a 6.0L if the TIME is doubled, but guess what, that 3.0L can almost triple it's TIME compared to the 6.0L (cummins, not all 6.0L) meaning in the simplest terms... it can get more shit done faster than the big guy. Also, the A/R info on Holset's are not what people think they are. Holset never released their info (if you find it from THEM specifically, please let me know) and the closest thing we can use to determine it is how Mitsubishi sizes their housings, but there has been inconsistencies even with those comparisons. VE, heat, blah blah blah also does not change the fact that these turbos are old tech, and I have never seen anyone making 600+ with a holset on a JZ, at least without intake temps above 170*. Just go buy a journal bearing Borg S300 and make 450 at 15psi on pump gas.
  9. Guy Smiley


    I really don't like putting Holset's on these engines unless you are just doing a scum bag build. Turbo Technology has come quite far lately and has gotten much cheaper. HX35 is too small for 2jz's, at the limit on 1JZ. HX40 is a good fit for 3.0L but the lb/min ratings kind of suck (on Holsets in general). Anything bigger= good luck fitting it anywhere. Just because it's for a motor nearly twice the displacement as ours does not mean it will make tons of power or be laggy, quite the opposite. Diesel exhaust is considerably colder than Gas exhaust, and the 5.9L's power band ends at 3500 RPM completely, sweet spot is 2500. That means the turbo was designed for an engine that generates less heat than ours and has a peak power band of 2500@5.9L, which equates to 5000rpm at 3.0L... which is usually at the beginning of our power band.
  10. Guy Smiley

    zokustyle X8 "NOBODY SAID IT WAS EASY" new pics pg21

    I'm also curious as to how much noise of any type you are going to be able to get rid of. If you are judging based on how the car used to sound before mods then you will never be happy, and I'm sure you are aware of that. But having ANY type of solid mounting, or at least more firm than stock bushings, is going to yield noise from the whole drive-train. I would only worry about this if it starts to sound like a dog box in your interior or you start noticing a lot of rolling resistance.
  11. Guy Smiley

    gauging interest: panicwire x8 jz harnesses

    You need better web presence and just a little whoring of your work. Do it assembly line style and put everyone out of business. You and I both know you are better than the rest.
  12. Guy Smiley

    gauging interest: panicwire x8 jz harnesses

    Please put Chasebays out of business.
  13. Guy Smiley

    Twin Charged JZ?

    I am currently building a 2JZ FC just for the express purpose of showing the owner of that FC that what he did was not needed and stupid. I have learned now that I am extremely jaded when it comes to cars and so the only reason to build a car anymore is out of spite or to show someone they are stupid. I no longer get satisfaction out of telling people they are wrong, I just show them. That is why I built my current X8. To show everyone that it is not that hard or expensive, you just have to be smart and know what you are doing. Most people think money and perpetual build threads will hide the fact that they have no fucking clue as to what they are doing and all of their knowledge is from the internet. In the age of endless information and knowledge, wisdom will take hold as the rarest and most valuable commodity. I also really like blood orange san pellegrino's.
  14. Guy Smiley

    Twin Charged JZ?

    Turbochargers are far to advanced now days to care about adding a super charger. How about making the ENGINE more efficient first instead of trying to cram more bullshit down it's throat. All the boost in the world doesn't mean shit unless your cam timing and valve overlap work correctly. I would rather raise my compression and TUNE the vehicle properly with a ball bearing billet wheel turbo charger than make car sound like a SVT mustang.