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  1. Fredericks Balls

    Wheel fitment bitches x8!

    For what, the car? I honestly have no idea I bought it that colour. I can send you some more pictures if you like it looks green or blue depending on the light but it's no flippy colour. It used to be White so obviously it ain't a factory colour And at auction:
  2. Fredericks Balls

    Wheel fitment bitches x8!

    Fronts: R33 GTR rims 17x9j et30 with 20mm spacers. I haven't touched the fenders. Tyres are 215/40's or 45's I can't remember Rears: Rota Grids 18x10j et15. Fenders have been flared to fit and they rub a little on the inner lip part thanks to the JIC limp cock coilovers. I need to stick my hand up my arse and pull myself together. Car has moved twice since April I need to get the interest back :-(
  3. Fredericks Balls

    X pics only!!!!

    She has been a bit left out as of late
  4. Fredericks Balls

    Andrew's JZX81 MARK II

    That's looking very good now. Never noticed you were thinking work emitz. I fucking love those wheels!! There were a low offset 10j/12j set for sale in Ireland last year they were savage. 1200 yoyos I think but worth every penny. They would look baller on your car :-)
  5. I've a boss kit which is pretty long then a works bell snap off kit. Then I have a 90mm dished 320mm wheel. NASCAR style! I love the layout though. I can't get to the indicators/wipers while holding the wheel, the distance is too much. And with the belts on and tight I can touch the wheel with my elbows. Feels great when sliding though, like I have more control of the wheel I removed the dished wheel and snap off kit on the Silvia when I was selling it, couldn't drive it at all with arms stretched out!
  6. Fredericks Balls

    Parts I.D. quiz

    Yea good idea to get chucks cooler, he was trying to sell me the pipes before but I'd have only had use for the one side. At least if you go single in the future then you have that! Have you a standard ecu? Brake lines I have no idea. I'll let someone who knows so that bit ha! You got the mounting kit from chuck too yea? That adaptor kit I have wouldn't fit with chucks brakes, I checked the fitting instructions and they are specific and his aren't on the list. The oil cooler isn't a must now but it's an easy install and I'll get it mounted when the IC is being done. I'd recommend a PS cooler, fitting should take about 30 minutes and driftworks do a decent cooler for about 65 quid. Well worth it, my PS went after 1 lap in Portlaoise!! No bother at all man!
  7. Fredericks Balls

    Parts I.D. quiz

    To be honest I haven't touched this yet. The job is beyond me and I haven't had time to drop it to anyone to do. I have a 4 inch Trust R33 GTR cooler. Have a look through Chucks early pics of his chaser, he ran the same and to mount it he cut the crash bar and bolted it onto that. I think I'll do the same. So the pipework on the passenger side won't interfere with the battery. On the drivers side I'm gonna ditch that ABS thing. To redo brake lines I'm gonna stick on GTR calipers on the front when I'm at it and kill two birds. I'm also gonna rip out the Hydrofan because of the amount of shit it has, and I saw from. Thread in the show off section that you can get a 1J/2j water pump to replace the hydro fan pump. I've a bigger rad so I'll mount that and get some electric fans to clean up the area. I also have a huge Blitz oil cooler and relocation kit to go on, so I'm just gonna get a new PS pump and a PS cooler, give the car maybe to Gem and get it all done at once... But if you mount the cooler upside down you may need to move the battery. I'm keeping aircon too for now. I hope this helps a little!
  8. Fredericks Balls

    JZX81 roof spoiler owners

    @ EDub. Don't forget about me please
  9. Fredericks Balls

    JZX81 roof spoiler owners

    Thanks guys. I'll see about epoxy. Most of the aero is cabletied together already so the spoiler wont make a difference at this stage! EDub for sure, i'll not be using them again. I'll deffo give you a shout next time instead. That would be brilliant if you could, much appreciated pal
  10. Fredericks Balls

    JZX81 roof spoiler owners

    Ok, so after wanting one and shelling out the best part of $500 I bit the bullet and got me a roof spoiler from Yahoo Japan. I was dead chuffed till it arrived. I'd like to thank the guy in Titian Autoworks' Japanese depot for sending it in a box that the spoiler didnt even fit in, with no padding and no fragile/do not bend/its a plastic sheet and im a shithead for not labelling it correctly so dont drop it please labels. Anywho I aint buying another and Titan wont take responsibility so it looks like the cableties will be fixing this. Anyway I cant figure out what some of the fitting kit does so maybe someone can help The kit: These bits I know where they go but i'm not sure why the two pieces split like in the second picture?? Same with these pieces, I see where they fit but again why the split?? So onto these bits I can see where the long things screw onto the spoiler but after that I dunno. And as for the white parts, im fucked if I know. Any help please? Many thanks in advance
  11. Fredericks Balls

    JZXP Hoodies

    Damn right lol
  12. Fredericks Balls

    JZXP Hoodies

    Boom! It was the hoody and the stickers! At last lol. Jumper looks the business and the stickers are awesome, cheers!
  13. Fredericks Balls

    JZXP Hoodies

    I'm actually sitting outside the parcel depot post office shithole. Had a note in the door when I got home from work for an unsuccessful delivery parcel. There is duty owing so it's from outside europe. So it's either the jumper n stuff or a JZX81 roof wing I bought in japan, one way or another it's good lol
  14. Fredericks Balls

    JZXP Hoodies

    Hey dude, still no sign. I'm kinda hoping the post here fucked up and it was returned? I hope it's not lost Anyway maybe you could check the tracking number if you still have it Cheers!