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  1. Raceready68

    WTB: SAFC 2

    Looking for a SAFC 2
  2. Raceready68

    Red Dragon

    Its time for a update. I have done a lot of work to the car over the past while. Got rid of that bullshit heat bag exhaust. Two tickets in two days told me it was time to go. I will add picks of the new steath bomber exhaust it sounds way more narly I finally got my wide band in was busying fixing other minor JDM bullshit. I got the car on the Mustang dyno turns out the car was lean as fuck the wide band would not even read tip in and through boost it was 17to1 - 16-1 A/F no idea why I made 315rwhp and 298tq with the cars weight a bit on the light side so it would have been a little higher at the cars acutal weight. This was at 18 psi. At 14 psi made 310whp. Put some fuel into it now its much happer low 11to1 AF.
  3. Raceready68

    x7 or x8

    I finally got some decent cressidas for sale in my aera for decent prices. X7 I can run 15s on and use cheep rubber but its got a 5m with a lot less power. X8 has more power but are usally more expencive. Kinda wish I didnt send my free x7 to the junkyard but it was fucked. Most of the X7 out here are faily rusty if you can find a running one.
  4. Raceready68

    x8 1jz swap fuel filter

    I just used the 7M cressida one was the same as the one that came on my 1jz just did not have the mounting brackets
  5. I am thinking about picking up a x7 or x8 as a spare missle car. I got a 5 speed swap and lsd in my garage sitting in my garage. I am just having a little trouble desiding on what would be the better choice. I love my Jzx81 but I spend so much time getting this bitch working right I do not want to fuck it up or have any down time on it. I had enough of that last year.
  6. Raceready68

    JZXpwns' white X8

    Cars looking good. Back to the 1jz piston and the 2jzge piston. I was thinking about doing the same thing. The 1jzgte piston is forged a with 8.5-1 compression ratio, The 2jzge piston is cast with a 9.6-1 compression ratio.
  7. Raceready68

    Please Read

    wow man I missed this whole thread but you are one tough man I am sorry for you loss. Let her RIP. Those where the most powerful pics I have ever had to look at. Let us whats up with the medical costs. I am sure many members here are willing to pitch in.
  8. Raceready68

    jzx 100 value

    If you got time to wait you can I have seen a few clean stock ones for 150,000-350,000 buy it now. They do turn up but you are right for the most part they are like 500,000,600,000JPY for anything looking at in a auto turbo. Here is a example http://page11.auctions.yahoo.co.jp/jp/auction/n82924265
  9. Raceready68

    jzx 100 value

    Usally you can pick up a decent auto turbo JZX100 for around 150,000-350,000 JPY on YJP. Anything with a manual trans is going to be fucking pricy . What I will be doing when I get mine is just buying a TT auto and swaping it. Lots of the M/T are pretty beat down as well. Can usally pick up a full 5 speed swap for around 100,000-150,000 on YJP ship it in the trunk and do it right when it lands.
  10. Raceready68

    550s whats up?

    Mother fucker I just bought some 440ccs
  11. Raceready68

    FS: 1989 Toyota Cressida (MX83)

    $400 you deliver Cash in hand
  12. Raceready68

    Drift JZX81

    Wow really. just part out that abortion of a x90 you have and fix all the shit wrong the x81.
  13. Raceready68

    Knocking 1jz

    I should mention the wideband on the dyno said it was fairly lean but I am not sure how the check engine light and fucked knock sensor would affect that. Car was running like a total bag of shit on the dyno just braking up. I think I need to recheck it with the wideband now that the knock sensor codes gone.
  14. Raceready68

    Knocking 1jz

    Stock injectors. SAFC2 is set stock I was just setting the car up to baseline it. Plugs gaped to .025, Coil packs had some cracks but not any where important so I siliconed them over the cracks just incase. Fuel filter will be ordered tomorrow I am guessing the jzx81 fuel filters the same as the Cressida I am also guessing its in a spot that really sucks to get to.
  15. Raceready68

    Knocking 1jz

    I was dynoing my car at work when the front knock senor went. Its been a little suspect for a while so I am not shocked it went. So I had it changed and the knock code is gone. How ever my car is showing knock on boost on the SAFC 2 and cutting power big time so it is knocking for sure. I figured it was a bad tank of gas which is not uncommon out here. So today I filled the car with a fresh tank of 94 its slightly better but still knocking. I am thinking maybe my fuel filter plugged , fuel pump is on its way out , or injectors are fucked, the other thing I am thinking is maybe the caps started leaking in the ecu. Car drives normal as long as its out of boost. Motors still strong no blow bye. I did seafoam the car before I changed the oil and plugs. Which was done before dynoing. Is there anything I am over looking or should be checking ? I think my next step is to check my fuel pressure and hook up my wide band. Any sugestions ?