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  1. Fuck yea Jack, looking forward to seeing your car progress to the next level this year.
  2. EDub

    x7 front end dmage help!!

    Looks like the car was pretty mint. Cressidas are getting rarer and rarer around I'm from...I'd probably be more inclined to try fix it too.
  3. If we gave enough notice I'm pretty sure anyone that's modding their car on this site could afford that.
  4. Would be rad. Have one in Canada one year, then in the US the following year. Or vice versa.
  5. LOL, that is awesome. I've always wondered if we had 6 months or more advance planning if we could organize a large X chassis meet somewhere, maybe you guys could come explore the great white north. Eat some poutine and go for a rip EH BWUD.
  6. Gravy, cheese and fries....I donno how I would explain that. Lol. Don't you live in WA? Just come up here and try it.
  7. Poutine...and it's amazing. So it's a possibility.
  8. What's the fucked one look like?
  9. Haha yea me and about 20-30 people were all around a 27" tv or watching the game. Was a really close game.
  10. EDub

    Seriously though, I need an R154

    Yea I can't believe how much these things are going for now. Almost better off buying a shitty mk3 turbo just for the trans.
  11. EDub


    Well said Jacob
  12. Yea they do that as well. I know a guy who got caught doing that. TBone, they are 16x9's and I only have the 4 of them. Got any pics of yours?
  13. EDub


    Either way the guys that hate on G pretty openly I don't see ever liking what G does or letting up with all the hate. No point battling, agree to disagree? The thing that kills me about this site vs a lot of forums I've been a part of is how little respect everyone has for each other? The one upping and faggotry is almost non stop. We're already such a small community why all the hate? Lots of guys love to throw G under the bus, he's a super nice guy and regardless of what you guys think, his hearts in the right place, probably like most of you guys when you're not hiding behind a monitor. Just a thought...