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  1. nihonno

    Weir MK3 LSD Rebuilds

    just add a shim washer or another clutch plate on both sides. oldschool cicletrack guys do this. costs about $1.00
  2. nihonno

    wtt for x8 2jz mounts

    got some.
  3. nihonno

    Dual caliper setup mx83

    bolts sent today. pretty straight forward installation. machined side faces out. flat side in. washer between the forged area of the hub and the bracket. cut or remove all the dust shield. then slip in the extra brake caliper and done. i used the bottom stock stud and knocked out the top one and drilled it 1/2 inch for the shoulder bolt. skinnyer side of the bracket is on top. use locktite on everything. and when istalling caliper it will be left on right side and right on left so the bleeder is on top. i do apologize again for all the delays and the confusion. i dont usually make parts for other people. i just kinda do my own thing but this project and my delrin rack bushings i liked alot so was trying to share the awesomeness.
  4. nihonno

    Dual caliper setup mx83

    absolutely no problem. i hope that clears everything up. ill send out the spare bolt tomorrow.
  5. nihonno

    Dual caliper setup mx83

    awwww shit. thats my fault. supposed to be 2 bolts. i was wondering why my friend dropped off extras. i thought he got spares for the next set of sc300 ones
  6. nihonno

    Dual caliper setup mx83

    thats all the hardware needed/ one shoulder bolt and a washer between the hub and bracket to space it out from the forged markes. use the stud in the bottom. brake line and caliper all is junk yard stuff that is gotten for like 20bucks. this is all that i used.
  7. nihonno

    Dual caliper setup mx83

    i made them from steel so they are more durable. thats all the stuff you need to bolt them up to your hub. one bolt and the stock stud. i tried to make them easy. and i just sprayed them with a color i use on all my parts but once you put them on they get all scratched and dirty and you cant even see them. im not making baller shiney parts. i made parts that work and are cheap and easy to use.
  8. nihonno


    ive ran that pulley for 3 years now. i have been wanting a new one but other things came up. all that cage is coming out. it was some dude that did it for free and i got what i paid for. so not me and my friend are hacking everything out. new tube front end. v mount radiator and intercooler. new badass cage. all new wiring. paint and maybe a huge wing.
  9. nihonno


    doing work
  10. nihonno

    WTB: JZ-W58 Flywheel and Bellhousing

    got them here. 500 for 58 and bellhousing. or 300 for the bell itself. thats the cheapest my friend will go. flywheel for 150
  11. nihonno

    Dual caliper setup mx83

    tracking numbers for everyone. pm me
  12. nihonno

    Dual caliper setup mx83

    Socal. so a few days.
  13. nihonno

    Dual caliper setup mx83

    Ups shipped. i took the hit for them being so late. alumi one should be done tomorrow. material is a bit more but machining cost is way cheaper.
  14. nihonno

    Dual caliper setup mx83

    3 sets being shipped today. last set is the new style made from aircraft grade alumi. easier to machine and way more badass looking. im sending a few different bolts and washers to shim it how you want. sorry its taken so long. its been a crazy few months.
  15. nihonno

    Dual caliper setup mx83

    seems like youre the most excited/ still need to clean them and paint. friends shop is closed for the weekend due to a wedding. i was hoping to have them out by saturday. so looks like monday if no issues.