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  1. Booyaka

    FS: Apex'i SAF-C 2

    I have an Apex'i SAFC 2 that i dont need so im selling it. It comes with the wiring harness, no instructions but im sure you can look it up on the internet how to wire it. $200obo Located in Seattle.
  2. Booyaka

    need x6 wheel suggestions

    the 15x8 -30 were boyds i think. i got em for less than $400 with tires! but i wanted something wider. if your going for cheap then i would just buy some diamond racing wheels since your not after lightness and "JDMness"
  3. Booyaka

    how to polish a turd.

    put the front springs back in on saturday, drove it around and took some pics...
  4. Booyaka

    how to polish a turd.

    oh yea, that didnt even cross my mind haha. good idea
  5. Booyaka

    how to polish a turd.

    THANKS!! i like your cars too!! and yea it looks like a ballon on the 9s but i dont mind it. im thinking about going up to 15s. i can actually go even lower if i got a custom exhaust thats mounted higher and closer to the body.
  6. Booyaka

    how to polish a turd.

    not so far and i hope i dont anytime soon
  7. Booyaka

    how to polish a turd.

    185/60/14 all around.
  8. Booyaka

    how to polish a turd.

    exactly why i picked the ugly duckling of the X family.... to show folks that you can actually make em look good why do most people hate x6s anyway?
  9. Booyaka

    how to polish a turd.

    thanks for all the positive comments everyone! well, heres some day pics... tuckin 14s...
  10. Booyaka

    how to polish a turd.

    not really an update but i did some more wheel fitment testing today. i took out the springs to see how the wheels would sit in the fenders. im swapping in the suspension from the other x6 tomorrow. heres how the car looks springless... I think it looks pretty good and will be my ride height goal. ill be scraping frame everywhere though haha, i scraped my catconverter coming out from the garage to the drive way LOL. also hammered out the rear fenders some more so i can tuck more tire :tu: heres how it looks now... and heres the fronts... front coilovers is next on the list. heres how it looked with the springs in....
  11. Booyaka

    I been in and out the bank, bitch.

    +1 on painting the center of the wheels black (or something darl like midnight purple?), it would make the wheels look even bigger by contrasting the lip that seat is awesome... you should redo the whole interior to match haha.
  12. Booyaka

    trunk locks and emblems

  13. Booyaka

    how to polish a turd.

    Painted the lip. doesnt match perfectly but its good enough for me and these came in yesterday, 14x9 and 14x10 SSR MK1s
  14. Booyaka

    Sal pass

    i dont know.... isnt this forum for four doors regardless whether or not they have a JZ? seeing that all the members here are proud of having their big heavy sedans, i say if its not even a sedan then no pass.
  15. Booyaka

    JZXProject.com Vinyl

    finally put mine on