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  1. Leclair

    A few X81 questions

    ECU is suspected as a cause. JZX81's ECU often brakes. Check the all five electrolytic capacitors in the ECU. If you find liquid spill from any electrolytic capacitor, change them to new ones. Changing to other ECU is also good idea. http://www.geocities.jp/hop_humulus/ http://minkara.carview.co.jp/userid/311911/blog/14046183/ http://minkara.carview.co.jp/userid/311911...9992/parts.aspx
  2. Leclair

    1jz sputter when below normal operating temp

    hmmm, you replaced all capacitors. I don't know for sure, it may cause by ISCV. Yes I would like to say is water/coolant temp sensors. One is for coolant temperature gauge, another is for ECU. But If it is faltering, idling engine speed is not high at starting.
  3. Leclair

    1jz sputter when below normal operating temp

    JZX81 ECU often break down. Change the all five electrolytic capacitors in ECU. Sometimes it recovers, sometimes does not work. I think you replace to JZX90 ECU. Check the ISCV or thermo sensor for ECU, if the cause is not ECU. I sometimes use JZX81 ECU, sometimes use JZA70 ECU, sometimes use JZX90 ECU, sometimes use JZZ30 ECU.
  4. I know the early type x90's rubber mounts fits to X8. I used the reinforced mounts produced by Kazama-auto. http://www.kazamaauto.co.jp/ On the other hand, the latter type x90's rubber mounts and x100's rubber mounts are same. Engine mounting brackets are different between x8 and x90. About the intake side bracket, there is no daylight between x90 and x100. I wonder which engine mounting member are used when 1JZ-GTE is installed to MX83 overseas. I used the Kazama-auto's transmission rubber mount for X90 on X81. It required me to some welding and threading. Leclair from Japan
  5. Leclair

    X81 power folding mirrors

    The side window wipers for sedan is very rare sight. I have seen the sell phone just one time in junk yard. never seen fax machine.