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  1. DoriftoKido

    Drift event photos. Everyone waste money!

    Hi. Shots from DW rd. 5 last weekend
  2. DoriftoKido

    I need money and you need parts, FD ain't cheap

    Yes! Also arms and skirts sold!
  3. 2012 FD Competition X8 Part Out Cresta Parts List Cage-$1400 Custom Widebody-(material cost)$1000 Rear Quarters ~60mm overs (For Cresta may need some mods for cressida) and Full fiberglass doors with lexan windows R32 front brakes-$400 Full serial nine bushings-$300 Serial nine arms-$350 Serial nine coil overs-$1000 Serial nine side skirts-$ 200 Origin jzx 100 front bumper $250 Jzx100 Mark ii front clip-$400 (Brackets for hood, hood, fenders(need some love), Headlights, Origin JZX100 front bumper) Fuel cell-$100 CNC Top Mount Clutch pedal-$100 Cut Knuckles/ Modified Control Arms-$200 Kaaz 2 way diff-$700 New axles-$100 Serial nine trunk spoiler-$100 spare Zenki front sub frame-$50 RHD Steering Rack-$200 Other parts may be available. Would be willing to sell car as a whole. PM for questions or details. -Alex
  4. DoriftoKido

    Alex's Build

    Ill be at Evergreen for sure. Haha thanks Shawn you too! Yes I very much agree, we should just rent out strato for a day!
  5. DoriftoKido

    Alex's Build

    Oh and Richard, no I won't be able to make it to Florida, still too much work to do to the car...
  6. DoriftoKido

    Alex's Build

    Thank you guys for actually making logical points, which are exactly the reasons why I decided to go this route. As much as I liked the 1J, how cool it sounded and how efficient it is for power considering its size, I've found for the tracks I'm competing on, the power is just not useable enough to be truly competitive with the big boys. Too much lag and not enough response to make really quick corrections and adjustments. And to rectify this problem I know you could go with a different turbo setup, nitrous, meth, internals, or 2j with the same stuff as well etc., but I find that it is just too much complication and cost that I just don't want to deal with, never mind serviceability and available parts... Not dissing the jz's but I feel this is a better choice for my application. Plus it's kind of fun to screw around with this LS stuff. It's new to me and kind of intriguing...
  7. DoriftoKido

    Alex's Build

    Gotta do what you gotta do
  8. DoriftoKido

    Alex's Build

    Its Alive... Let the hate rain [media=] [/media]
  9. Updated whats left for sale!
  10. Pending sale on F-con, Turbo setup, and cams
  11. Ya thinking LS, as much as I love JZ's I'm tired of any bit of turbo lag, to run with the big boys competitively, you have to run what they're running unfortunately.
  12. If requested I can autograph any part purchased lol Prices are Obo but please don't lowball No jz for next year
  13. Time for new stuff. Buy my old stuff. JZX81 1jzgte with wiring and ecu and sensors -Compression test last Aug was 150psi on all cyl except 3&4 which were at 140. Still a solid engine, could not blow it up. -Has new T-belt tensioner, -2j water pump -Driftmotion Aluminum pully kit -New Coilpacks -Does not come with turbo or manifold $1800 R154 (top mount) Still works well, never had any problems with it. $450 ACT 6 puck sprung clutch 60% life left on it, great feel and holds well! $400 Brian Crower 264 in./ex. Cams -Used this season, currently in engine, will be taken out and replaced with stockers. $500 USDM 2J 550cc low impedence injectors and resistor pack -Injectors $500 -Resistor pack $200 3" Intercooler/JackRabbit piping setup fits all X8/JZ setups $500 Let Me know what you need.