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  1. I have never run it, but its the bottom end. I purchased it as a project. probably wouldnt make it that far. I own a truck and trailer, I can driver it but it wont be cheap.
  2. im not in a hurry to sell it. gonna let it go to a good owner who understands what it is. Im disappointed Im not keeping it for a project but i just dont have the room/time for another one. 2 is enough.
  3. how about you suck my dick? ever seen a black on black no sunroof one with only 80k miles? thought so.
  4. 80k original miles. motor is toast. car is in IMMACULATE shape. small scratches and a small tear on the drivers seat on the side bolster. looking for $1500. Location: Phoenix AZ.
  5. Joe

    r154 question

    do you have a r154? take the knob off, go to home depot, stick shit in it till something fits.
  6. Joe

    FS: R154

    is this still available?
  7. Joe

    air/fuel gauge

    you are putting an o2 gauge in because its dope? fucking ban. god damn ricer.
  8. Joe

    1jz auto in 89 Cressida

    so let me get this straight 500whp automatic transmission no budget hahaha best of luck with this.
  9. Joe

    JZXProject.com Vinyl

    doap? fucking canada haha
  10. thats wife material if said woman exists.
  11. Joe

    cresta front end (i think) wanted...

    ballin wheels man way to keep the aussie stereotypes alive.
  12. Joe

    Ameen's cressida

    im sorry...what?
  13. in my experience when it wont shift into a certain gear its either the solenoid (or the screen on it, if it has one) or the transmission is about to cook itself. there really isnt much of a middle ground on automatic transmissions. if its not shifting you are usually pretty fucked (i ran an AAMCO for about a year) since its getting worse as temp increases that usually points to some kind of internal problem if the filter/fluid are new. if he just changed the fluid might wanna ask why. changing fluid when a transmission is dying (as evident by debris in the pan or shifting issues) will accelerate the failure. think of the fluid with a bunch of small particles in it, the viscosity goes up because the fluid is more like liquid sandpaper. if you replace that fluid everything gets "more slippery" and can make an already bad transmission worse. when you say "not wanting to shift" what do you mean? is it not engaging the gear like slipping? or not even trying to go into 4th? if its not even attempting to shift into 4th could be electrical. try to describe the problem better
  14. zilvia is full of faggots this particular quote is my favorite: as opposed to his s13 with a cheap knock off kit, bubble shift knob and rota wheels? (probably) bunch of hypocritical jackasses over there. thats why i never posted on zilvia.