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  1. EliteJDM

    1JZ VVTi Valve Clearance

    I cant relate who or when, but i always try to do my best for everyone!
  2. EliteJDM

    1JZ VVTi Valve Clearance

    Thanks bro!!
  3. EliteJDM

    1JZ VVTi Valve Clearance

    awesome, now share it! I found it for non VVTi, not sure if it is the same and not sure how reliable the source is. Figured this would be the place to get the right info.
  4. Anyone have the specs? Same as 2J?
  5. EliteJDM

    1JZ-GTE VVT-i vs 1JZ-GTE

    1.9 Bar & Yes, I am running A'PEXi Power FC (D-Jetro) so I have the IAT Sensor on my cold pipe before the Throttle Body. I dont currently have an EGT
  6. EliteJDM

    1JZ-GTE VVT-i vs 1JZ-GTE

    do you have p/n's?
  7. EliteJDM

    1JZ-GTE VVT-i vs 1JZ-GTE

    was google searching something and came across this thread... not sure why I dont get notifications I am running DW 750cc Injectors This setup is still running strong. Before Irwindale last year Tomei Japan sent me their last 2 manifolds that were discontinued years ago due to cracking, so I threw one in my car and was re-tuned at A'PEXi by RACETUNE Frank and was able to extract 485 BHP and 469 Torque on a Dyna Pak. Power comes in harder and faster now with his tune and the more free flowing manifold. (Cast version will be released soon) A few weeks ago I was driving at ECB and had a huge loss of power and boost. After pulling the turbo, noticed the only issue was a weakened actuator spring. Turbo is still perfect like the day I installed it 16 months, and 21 events ago. I cant emphasize enough how amazing this combination of Tomei parts are if you are looking for this power range with 100% reliability. If any of you guys want any of this stuff that I am running, including Power FC, or Tomei Parts... let me know. I can work some aggressive pricing for you dudes!
  8. EliteJDM

    1JZ-GTE VVT-i vs 1JZ-GTE

    I am still 1J Bottom end. Now added their prototype cams, here is the new sheet https://www.facebook...<!--NoParse1--> We made about 506WHP but dialed it back to make it a bit more on the safe side. Mind you I have completely stock bottom end, stock manifold. Only upgrades are the Tomei cams, turbo, and turbo outlet tunde on PFC D-Jetro
  9. EliteJDM

    wtb 1jzgte auto transmission

    I also have a few JZS147 Aristo Auto tranny's
  10. https://www.facebook...&type=3 I am making close to 500WHP and 400 tq. on this turbo with their prototype outlet and their prototype cams. I am also still running stock manifold. I have been doing all the testing on their new products for the JZ motor and they are all amazing. I constantly update my page with new products I am testing with dyno sheets! https://www.facebook.com/NickDrifting
  11. EliteJDM

    1.5J VVTi?

    yea, i dont want to get knee deep into it and find out it cant be done for some reason. but i really wanna do it
  12. EliteJDM

    1.5J VVTi?

    I have a 1JZ VVTi in my car does anyone know what the deal is with putting a 2J bottom end on it considering mine is a vvti? any differences? not looking for guesses, looking for someone who KNOWS or has done it
  13. EliteJDM

    WTB: CT15B Turbo (OEM 1JZ VVTi)

    Yea, im interested... what is blown on it? I am looking to send it out to get the High Flow service done to it... PM me price... Im ready to buy ASAP..... also where you located?
  14. Need One!! anyone have one around?
  15. EliteJDM

    1JZ VVTi HELP!!

    ill be up there when an event doesnt interfere with others