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  1. sooo. small update.


    i bought a garage!!!


    ...and it came with a house!!! :blush:

    and in the meantime i did this!



    the cars not gonna stay white. so. i think itll look way better.

    i did these and the corners for like $10... and now that im not working on my car in

    the million degree weather, it should come along more swiftly. more pics soon!

  2. anyone need one of these by any chance? my brother is selling one for cheap... but we're in texas (san antonio)... so. just checkin. ecu and uncut harness is included. runs too!

    let me know if your interested and we'll work something out. asking 200... or less.

  3. Awesome! It'd be cool if you could somehow swap to the sc suspension. Do u have the front sump stuff as well?

    yeah. actually thats the plan. im going to try to swap over the whole front suspension from the sc to the x. (so i dont need custom 1u/x8 mounts=bigger brakes and so on)

    it really doesnt seem to be that hard... mostly cause i have a hacked up donor car. ha ha.

    the crossmember from the sc is less than half an inch off from the x... so. we'll see how that goes. ill keep the pictures

    coming for sure. oh yeah. and this is why i cut the car in half. for those of you who were wondering. i need more time and

    space to measure all the what nots on the front half. -bubba

  4. okay, so heres the deal for those that dont know. im building my 89 x8. ive had it for a little while, cruised it after fixing the bhg. then sold the motor, and decided to go 1uz/w58...

    so. picked up this. 95 sc400





    with the x8 engine bay kinda cleaned and what not. started pulling the sc harness and all that jazz.




    stopped for a minute to pull my brothers 5m from his x6 (and throw it in the sc's trunk)



    hes doing 1u aswell, heres his car...


    still sponsored by nasa...


    i ordered my adaptor plate/lightweight flywheel from phil in new zealand (philip.bradshaw@nzdf.mil.nz) came in this week... and is amazing.

    and... thats where im at now.




    annnd. theres a whole lot more to come. ill keep you guys posted. :mellow: