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  1. 5YearSlump

    89 Cressida with a two Jay Z....

    Crap wish it was az no its in gerogia
  2. 5YearSlump

    89 Cressida with a two Jay Z....

    Yeah decided to part out the beeach
  3. No my brother has went by the shop. Car is still their in the shop, and no don't refer me to scammers. I was stating its for sale and anyone in georgia can go look at. I have insurance on it been paying for it since 09 just in case something was to happen. If ur bored u can go pick it up and deliver the car to me. Thanks for ur input.
  4. I had it one shop from 09-12 and all he got done with it is install the engine. Second shop has had from dec 12 to present and all he has to do is exhaust, install my coilovers, wire my MS3 pro, plumb the intercooler, misc stuff. Paid him full I guess he has had problems and been busy to stay on top of mine. Sucks being in Arizona and the car In Georgia....
  5. Yes i apologize if its a problem.
  6. 5YearSlump

    89 Cressida with a two Jay Z....

    Pictures in Brag Mode under 89 Cressida 2JZ project....
  7. Done with the car burnt out. Car is still at Garage Zero paid in full to finish the project. Over 10 grand in the car. My loss your gain. 5k firm. 2JZ swap single S300SX turbo, 4" exhaust, R154 with a six puck clutch, TEIN HA coilovers, prosport gauges, AEM Wideband, MS3 Pro, new tires, Evo Recaro seats, etc. Arizona tagged and arizona title.
  8. Forgot it has TEIN HA coilovers I got from Bill on here....
  9. Update 3/12/14 yeah still not done. Im burnt out and done with the car. Getting a duramax truck and letting red neck side out. Tons of desert to explore. Cressida is in Atlanta still, shop has to finish to get it running cause I paid in full. So 2JZ swap single turbo S300SX 4" straight pipe exhaust, MS3 pro, LSD diff, new tires on saw blades, taking a huge loss 5k firm... At Garage Zero. Tagged with Arizona tags and title is in my hand in AZ.
  10. I am. Iam also always thinking of the next project.
  11. Yeah I do. Im thinking of yanking out my diesel engine in my mercedes and drop in a 2JZ. The mercedes has sexier lines then the cressida and deserves more power.
  12. Sorry for the late response, yes its still at Garage Zero. I hope John has her finished by Dec.
  13. Im trying to fit some 275 tires on the rear, and got to find what back spacing for a 10 wide wheel. I got TEIN Coilovers, going to.be lower not slammed like stance look. So u would say i may not need flares.
  14. Man car looks tight, those flares are what im looking for to fit some wide rear tires. Are they metal flares?