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    [HIZOKU] PIG EYE Streeter

    b u m p
  2. ChriSOL

    Gordo's X8 Ramblings

    i would but i don’t put this kind of stuff out there for everyone to see.
  3. ChriSOL

    gray cloth x8 headrests

    free plus ship
  4. ChriSOL

    x3 oyaji wagon

    its because his trip played out like the scene from national lampoons vacation and they stopped in the wrong neighborhood in houston w the family truckster and got their shit robbed
  5. ChriSOL

    1989 cress full partout

  6. ChriSOL

    New Look / Same Poor Taste

    i love dark green x90 mark iis mostly because of the camry vibe they have going for them. what % of people do you encounter in this that mistake it for something else?
  7. ChriSOL

    1989 cress full partout

    you could go the other way and just let the shit youve collected loom over you for years while you slowly collapse under the weight of your unrealized goals. i feel you, get your head straight or that type of thing will eventually infect any hobby you take up my dude. dont let people put you in a box and define what your mental health should look like. no shame in looking for help. you know i need red interior, if that clamshell is good i will probably hermetically seal it and put it on display in a museum.
  8. ChriSOL

    x3 oyaji wagon

    glad to hear yall survived and its driving. you could be even cooler/dumber and find a way to stuff an irs under it. rue has something going on with his x7 and i have a spare x8 rear that i found to be workable under the x3. i think the biggest prob would be locating the upper perches for the rear shock/springs but using coilovers gives you an additional couple inches of room to play with. probably have to cut your wheel arches out to accommodate the additional ~4” of track plus cool wheels in the rear though. with irs you can just dial in hella neg camber and you cant do that w a solid axle. well not really: http://grassrootsmotorsports.com/forum/grm/cambered-rear-ends/5680/page1/ lloyds x3 used that x6 rear end i think.
  9. ChriSOL

    Teddy Roosevelt rides a moose

    fortune auto no shroud using ls400 fan clutch and 7 m fan.
  10. ChriSOL

    x3 oyaji wagon

    not solid but https://page.auctions.yahoo.co.jp/jp/auction/w342635574
  11. ChriSOL


    dual wipers 🤙🏻
  12. ChriSOL

    WTB: x8 door handles

    looking through my parts
  13. ChriSOL

    x3 oyaji wagon

    offer stands! if you find something x3 i’ll prob need something from it too...
  14. ChriSOL

    x3 oyaji wagon

    @bigtoepfer send yard info if it’s local and i’ll check it out. re: your hub question, look on yahoo auctions jp for hubs that fit toyotas w the same spline. i found 2 nardi/personal hubs that are SOLID fucking metal that way, and they were dirt cheap.
  15. ChriSOL

    x3 oyaji wagon

    ^ even w t3 you should be able to call gabe and tell him what youre doing and have the “right” combo of parts assembled. i was going to steal the megans off my x8 when i got different coilovers and find a camber plate solution that works for the x3 strut towers. youre on the right track. ill be following your build until the plug gets pulled.
  16. ChriSOL

    x3 oyaji wagon

    ps: t3 has been making a lot of this dumb procrastinaty shit unnecessary in the years since i started fucking w it. you can get a lot of off-the-shelf parts to make steering and suspension happen now.
  17. ChriSOL

    x3 oyaji wagon

    always, even if it means going out to the garage and just cleaning the accumulated shit off of it. right now i’ve got x8 front struts w x7 tophats (i think? i’ve had x3, x6 and x7 shit cobbled together at different points). ive got the x3 crossmember with an aw11 rack sitting on it, tie rods threaded into x8 ends on the knuckles (i think?). i was doing mix and match stuff looking for the right combination of parts that fit and didnt fuck up geometry in an obvious way. put a pin in it so i could do a better job measuring and getting it right. now its a bunch of different parts in piles next to the wheels. steering stuff is x7 column needing an extended shaft to meet either the aw11 or x7 rack ill end up using, talked to a guy that went the aw11 way because he claimed it didnt need power steering. same guy did an 8.8 rear too, but he sold the car and i lost contact w him. i had an x8 rear end under the car and i’d been marking the floor and rails up and seeing what i’d need to cut and weld to make it work, but i let it go to someone who needed it and the replacement is still bolted to the x8 parts car. been making things happen w the other cars more recently but i will get back to this one... eventually.
  18. ChriSOL

    x3 oyaji wagon

    electric would be easier? ive only driven one car w electric power steering and i hated it but it seems like it would be easy to tune it however you wanted it to feel? x8 stuff is relatively easy, i have both aw11 and x7 racks w mounts for steering rack options but havent decided which way to go. rear ends: i’ve had a complete x8 rear subframe under the car, if youre willing to cut and weld and lose some of the floor space in the rear its possible, other option is ford 8.8 rear with custom 3/4 link, weld on spring perches. explorer rear ends are cheap in yards and come w disc brakes and lsd
  19. ChriSOL

    x3 oyaji wagon

    lol. so i went to pull my exhaust off the IS today and the manifold welded itself to the midpipe at the flange. im going to have to cut it off or something equally stupid. wish i had your probs. keeping the old steering? : |
  20. ChriSOL

    x3 oyaji wagon

    whaaaaat is that exh manifold. how did kyle fit that in the prius? how are you ditching the linkage gas pedal for a cable? the world wonders...
  21. ChriSOL

    Fiberglass parts D_ApexWorks mx83/jzx81

    Hi,, ROBBAPHENT. My Wife and I were wondering what this means we Keep seeing and hearing it from the younger crowd “OK Boomer”. Is this related to the OU Sooners? I’m am personally not A fan as I like Gordon live in the Great Republic of Texas but it seems strange that an Ozzy like yourself would follow American College Football. Anyway it was nice speaking to you again after a while. Give the wife and kiddos our love, - Chris
  22. ChriSOL

    Gordo's X8 Ramblings

    just another hurdle to be vaulted man. keep truckin.
  23. ChriSOL

    Sleeper MX83 build

    needs “my lab is smarter than your honor student” sticker and kleenex box on speaker shelf in rear window