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  1. ChriSOL

    Kyle Anson's Cresshita Build Thread

    i like the purple too. i need a new bar, the jdm support i've cleaned the rust off of and bent "straight" too many times has had it.
  2. ChriSOL

    It's an old Toyota at least so fuck off.

    it should be really fast, and it's definitely not the worst car in the series it runs in, so whatever the investment ends up being i expect we'll get it back in experience. i hear they were getting realistic offers after the last race...
  3. ChriSOL

    WTB: AC condenosor fan

    i think i have a couple in untested condition with the brackets still on them.
  4. ChriSOL

    JZ to BMW ZF

  5. ChriSOL

    It's an old Toyota at least so fuck off.

    i heard rue has been doing honda stuff lately 🤔
  6. ChriSOL

    X8 Cornerlight, Old Apexi SAFC

    i have no need for this but i want it
  7. ChriSOL

    89 Cressida part out

    also have headlights but also going to be a dick and tell you to get fucked...
  8. ChriSOL

    Sleeper MX83 build

    give me your steering column clamshell
  9. ChriSOL

    i blue you

    got this blue shit. have amazon boxes ready to fill u up bb. pm for best forum pricing*** rrally just looking to give this to a good home. so if it fits in a flat rate box thats your cost. if not ill get it priced and you can have it for that. https://imgur.com/gallery/pVtuy2y
  10. ChriSOL

    Curse of the Cressida

    there was a guy who wanted to make the fuel mileage gauge into a working boost gauge once a long time ago. afaik it never worked out
  11. ChriSOL

    WTB 89-91 Cressida fan shroud

    they will all break. your replacement will break. fwiw been running my engine with the LS400 fan clutch and 7M fan both with and without shroud and it hasn't made much of a difference. but yeah, make a shroud?
  12. idk man. on the one hand, they're driving the push to develop a lot of beautiful land and demolish historic structures for condos and cookie cutter housing developments. they clog our roads necessitating massive construction boondoggles. on the other hand, the Republic should be all the great things about America that aren't so great anymore. i don't blame them for fleeing California. i'm not opposed to a lot of the personal liberties they're in support of. maybe we give them a jzxp style intro process and see whether they can cope. if they holler for safe space and protected this and that and entitlement, we can send them across the southern border on a "humanitarian mission" and see how long they last.
  13. come down after we secede, it'll be 10 times more texas