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  1. ChriSOL

    WTB 89-91 Cressida fan shroud

    they will all break. your replacement will break. fwiw been running my engine with the LS400 fan clutch and 7M fan both with and without shroud and it hasn't made much of a difference. but yeah, make a shroud?
  2. idk man. on the one hand, they're driving the push to develop a lot of beautiful land and demolish historic structures for condos and cookie cutter housing developments. they clog our roads necessitating massive construction boondoggles. on the other hand, the Republic should be all the great things about America that aren't so great anymore. i don't blame them for fleeing California. i'm not opposed to a lot of the personal liberties they're in support of. maybe we give them a jzxp style intro process and see whether they can cope. if they holler for safe space and protected this and that and entitlement, we can send them across the southern border on a "humanitarian mission" and see how long they last.
  3. come down after we secede, it'll be 10 times more texas
  4. ChriSOL

    Mediocre at Cresst - now with nsfw autophilia

    start making shitty US MAGA style jegs and shit products the new jdm-tyte. start a new trend and pull the johnny-come-latelies away from bidding on shit they dont need.
  5. ChriSOL

    Mediocre at Cresst - now with nsfw autophilia

    the days of cool car parts for a steal are mostly over. i wanted a set of recaro classic c's for my crapcan and came real close to picking a pair up, when i mentioned to the seller he had 2 driver sides he got offended and stopped responding to me. now im stuck w my stock cracking leather jobbies plus kyle's old cloth mark ii seats as backup. i really want the tosco style fg buckets for my hairdresser car.
  6. ChriSOL

    Bought a Mark II JZX81

    Rue uses adaptronic, experienced their support and didn't have too many complaints other than finding someone who can tune it. He did though... had his BEAMS corolla and his vvti 1j x7 running it. think his friend has an RB25 S14 using the one out of the corolla.
  7. ChriSOL

    Bought a Mark II JZX81

    @BoristheCat https://uproxx.files.wordpress.com/2012/12/jon-hamm-sax-man-sergio-snl.gif
  8. ChriSOL

    Bought a Mark II JZX81

    i will say that the best investment is land. store ALL your projects there, even if they constantly depreciate the property itself should only appreciate in value, assuming the gov't doesn't come calling with eminent domain. that's being abused here, look up "Panther Island" for details. same happened to my grandparents' land when they wanted to build a highway thru it. what you own legally is only yours as far as you're able to defend it
  9. ChriSOL

    Bought a Mark II JZX81

    i'll provide some anecdotal evidence to the contrary: i had a kid, kept all of my projects. they are stalled but not because of the kid, specifically. more because of me.
  10. ChriSOL

    X81 hard top parts and 3sge swap

    i figured he was making jokes about my neuroses. i put my shit in a faraday cage when im not using it. pop the sim.
  11. ChriSOL

    X81 hard top parts and 3sge swap

    not on a public forum gordon!
  12. ChriSOL

    i just wanna look good for you

    i have an fm-10 and i shoot on expired film that was stored in a unit that was submerged in Mississippi during Katrina. some of the pictures looked like that one.