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  1. ChriSOL

    Sleeper MX83 build

    needs “my lab is smarter than your honor student” sticker and kleenex box on speaker shelf in rear window
  2. ChriSOL

    I bought someone else's Cressida

    is this a thread from 15 years ago or am i dreaming?
  3. ChriSOL

    1989 Cressida Part Out - Northern IN

    claiming the clamshell if nobody else has.
  4. ChriSOL

    i blue you

    slowly but steadily making it thru my pile and finding stuff. gibbs i found the blue carpet, thought i trashed it but i was wrong. its dirty, i’ll post pics later. i wonder if it will fit in a large flat rate box with enough persuasion 🤔
  5. ChriSOL

    Team Somehow Running Again x7

    come out and we’ll do texas things w rue and kyle
  6. ChriSOL

    Team Somehow Running Again x7

  7. ChriSOL

    i blue you

    my bad gibbs ida saved it if id known anyone still wanted to take garbage off my hands. i think ive parted 2 complete x8s and half of what i dont need between the 2 remaining chassis. i owe jason window trim, idk what else i’ve managed to verbally commit and perpetually fail to deliver but please remind me and i’ll get off my ass.
  8. ChriSOL

    i blue you

    carpet was nasty. i say was because it went out with the dash to the garbage. back from colorado, i'll start looking for stuff
  9. ChriSOL

    Wizard People, Dear Reader

    all the same, i'm pretty sure i'd rather have a daily that had no probs and working AC so i can do stupid jzxproject level time-wasting, life-ruining, budget-eating things to my car.
  10. ChriSOL

    i blue you

    dear bro, the shifter bezel is the black plastic tray that surrounds the shifter that you'd put your boot in for a manual swap? ain't got one. the exterior door trim (chrome shit under the windows?) i know i told you i had from the last x8 i gutted and scrapped? pretty sure it's still set "aside" in the garage under piles of shit.
  11. ChriSOL

    Wizard People, Dear Reader

    so - due to negligence and outright abuse the parts roller is a cleaner basis than my current daily - kyle wants me to roll down to blue country, tx to go single w the necessary cut/weld shit and every week i get closer to caving - i owe gordon this sunroof panel and i know someone needing to offload a rhd chaser so let’s tx meat - anyone selling a vvti 2j? is300 is going to be my new daily so i can commit to retarded investments in x8 hellhole, but cyl #2 on the dogshit 300k mile engine has ~60psi compression
  12. ChriSOL

    i blue you

    ps carpet is now available, i send it as-is so youre going to have to shampoo the disgusting human filth out of it yourself
  13. ChriSOL

    i blue you

    yo got a bucket of blue shit left here... if nobody wants it i might stick it in the brorunner with this sunroof panel and let gordo throw it away so i dont have to.
  14. ChriSOL

    Team Somehow Running Again x7

    but when will someone build the t100 drift truck as an x8 analog? rues shit is looking fucking nice and close to being back to raping highway victims. someone suck his peen so he comes back...