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  1. twiztd

    JZX81 Rear Roof Spoiler

    PM sent.
  2. twiztd

    Mike's MX83 - 2 years and still not done

    unfortunately the event is held at a drag complex and the only place they would put any of the driving events besides straightline stuff was on the speedway infield.
  3. twiztd

    Mike's MX83 - 2 years and still not done

    Ok, quick vid from a recent event. Unfortunately no-one filmed me, but i managed to film one of the supervisors taking my car out. So, here's a vid anyways Mike
  4. twiztd

    Mike's MX83 - 2 years and still not done

    aphxero - there's nothing wrong with the torque, there's plenty of it. the diff is just too short atm for the amount of highway driving i do. i was more saying that there's enough torque that the ratio change shouldnt hurt acceleration that much. Projexxx - would love to go lower but it scrapes on even the more gentle speedbumps we have and is close to bottoming out on a couple of roads i drive a lot. I'll be picking up a jzx81 brake master and booster along with jzx81 front swaybar next week and hopefully get those and the jzx81 rear swaybar installed in the next few weeks too depending on how much spare time i have. also will be taking the car down to the drag strip in a couple of weeks for a bit of fun. will update here afterwards. Mike
  5. twiztd

    Mike's MX83 - 2 years and still not done

    yeah, i'm having some problems with linking them through photobucket, gonna try imageshack... *IMAGES FIXED*
  6. Background is that back in August 06 i bought a 1989 MX83 GLX in burgundy with a bung motor with the sole intention of doing a turbo and manual conversion. Ended up getting a TOM's MZ20 manual cut and JZX81 lsd at a decent price... So, a little over two years down the track, she's had the swap done, lsd put in, coilovers thrown in, BA/R33 brake upgrade, turbo rebuilt and hi-flowed on the compressor side and a set of 17's smashed on... i had to have a shot of the turbo up close just imagine the back end being about an inch lower cos it is now see, just that bit lower i think makes it a much nicer height At the moment I'm wanting to swap the lsd centre outta the 4.3jzx81 lsd and onto the standard 3.9 gears, she just revs to high for all the highway driving i need to do and there's enough midrange torque to make up for it so we'll see how it goes. Mike