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  1. I'm currently running an older blitz bov on my 1jz. It seems to hold well under the .8 bar i'm running at right now. The sound is not annoying at all either like the HKS or greddy bov's.
  2. Monolith

    low mile 1j twins and 2j usdm twins

    Sorry money is tight right now. We'll see how much of a raise I get....then perhaps I'll pick em up for the summer time.
  3. Monolith

    low mile 1j twins and 2j usdm twins

    I bet the shipping would kill me if i had them shipped up to soviet canukistan. What do you reckon?
  4. Monolith


    Car is looking prime man!
  5. Monolith

    updated TE72 now with more cressida?!?!?!

    I hate those fuckin racks on top of cars...the worst automotive trend so far
  6. Monolith

    another goddamned mike

    Pass for having rx7 and cressida. Plus the miata with rotary motor
  7. Monolith


    Ogura Single plate. Engages similar to stock with a slightly heavier feel to it. Good for a stockish daily driver.
  8. Monolith

    how to polish a turd.

    The way you tuck those 14's makes me not hate x6's anymore
  9. Monolith

    Tail light removal woes...

    That vid is prime shiz...we need more of these clips of how to do simple things on your x-chassis.
  10. Monolith

    Tail light removal woes...

    Thanks for the quick reply Brian. I'll go have a look tonight at the beast.
  11. Monolith

    Tail light removal woes...

    Well my right tail light bulbs burned out on my JZX81 and I got the replacements. I unbolted everything in the trunk area but there are still 2 "white clips" holding the tail light on from the inside. I tried squeezing and tapping the damn clips every which way to pop them loose but to no avail. Does anyone have any insight into this stupid problem? I can't believe I got stuck on this but I don't want to break the things.
  12. Monolith

    Alex's Build

    Nice looking Cresta...I'll keep my eyes peeled for that thing heh heh
  13. Monolith

    Mark Ass Trick. Trick Ass MarkII.

    Car looks pimp with the new aero. Tempts me to buy an S9 kit now that you mention it fits so well...cause my front bumper is all haggard and shit.
  14. Monolith

    Loren FAIL

    Didn't that guy say he was into drifting? That could be why its painted flat black...easy to fix.