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  1. Ninjabread

    JZX90 Cresta - CheeseCake

  2. Ninjabread

    JZX90 Cresta - CheeseCake

    doot. things are happening.
  3. Out of curiosity, does anyone run a mk3 trans and have issues with it shitting out fluid? Exploded my x90 trans (which lasted 3 years and never leaked a single drop) so i bought a mk3 trans to replace it for now. All new seals on it and it was fine on the dyno but as soon as I went drifting it was puking out mad fluid. Some guys say it's because there is no vent on the mk3 trans? Was gonna drill a hole in the shifter housing a run a hose to a catch can inside the car to see if that would help haha.
  4. Sorry y'all. Sold it in November.
  5. Bump, willing to take 1050$ shipped to anywhere in the USA/Canada Someone needs this for their build!
  6. Ninjabread

    JZX90 Tein HR, Turbo xs bov, mk3 supra stuff

    Ricans shipping is 30$ (heavy) for front half. Would be 80$ total. Whoremouth shipping 15$ so 35$ total. You guys can email me your adress @ m_berthiaume89@hotmail.com it'll be easier for me to respond.
  7. Ninjabread

    JZX90 Tein HR, Turbo xs bov, mk3 supra stuff

    Whoremouth I'll get you a shipping quote. And ChriSOL sorry the flares sold already but yes they were fg.
  8. Just trying to clear up some things in the garage. Prices are OBO, just dont wanna throw this stuff in the garbage. Located in Ontario, Canada. turbo xs rfl (not replica) on a mk3 supra pipe. 50$ 7MGTE to R154 Bellhousing 50$ Bully stage 1 clutch / oem 7mgte flywheel. In like new condition, will need resurfacing to get rid of the surface rust from sitting for a while. 150$ Mk3 supra shifter boot 20$ MK3 supra turbo driveshaft SOLD JZX90 /100 Tein HR 14kg/8kg PENDING 350$ rivet-less 240z flares SOLD
  9. I bought it off ryan tuerck when he went to an AEM on his 1jz s13, but he originally bought it from that group buy no doubt because i have your wiring instructions still with it. Anyways if you guys refer me to a buyer i'll pay 10% referal fee. serious. Too lazy to put this on ebay.
  10. Ditto, Would need JZX100 front/sides shipped to 13669 NY.
  11. UPDATE!!! Turns out this ECU is OK. This may sound really dumb but I had a short in my coilpack harness that fried my ignitor. ECU is OK. Anybody on here need this before I put it on ebay? Would like $1200.
  12. Alright 800$ takes it away. Seen these going for 12-1500$ easy so it would be cheap for whoever buys it to get it fixed. Just need to be able to wait.
  13. Hey guys I'd like to sell my 2jz power FC. This thing has been great to me but recently had an injector driver failure. Injector 6 will not fire. I sent it off to a local company and they were unable to get the parts to fix the ecu. Looks like it has to be sent to Apexi Japan and the fix is between 1-300$ and 1-2 months wait. This comes with commander and 3bar map sensor with PnP harness. Was tuned for 850cc injectors, 6262 precision on 1jz. Just looking to see if there is any interest here.
  14. Ninjabread

    1987 supra turbo partout

    I'll let you know today. Going to grab it this morning. Anything specific to look for?
  15. Ninjabread

    1987 supra turbo partout

    Hey guys, bought a 87 turbo to steal the r154 out of. Is there anything of value from these cars to you guys ? Its going to scrap asap so if anybody needs anything just hit me up.