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  1. Geki Minihux

    SSR Mesh 15x8 -15 offset

    Yo got these, SSR Mesh 15x8 -15 offset. Price : $380 USD / 35,000 yen not including postage Postage : $104 USD or could be much less pending final shipping quote based on rim weight
  2. Yo, Got these pair of rims around here huge dish about 16cm in total with good tires. Can also track down a second pair to make a set for extra money. Price : $600 USD / 55,000 yen Postage : pending final quote
  3. Geki Minihux

    JZX81 Front

    Postage would be to much
  4. Geki Minihux

    Desmond Regamasters 17x 10 +20 Offset

    Haha sorry dude, if i could find a buyer for your kidney i would take it. Could i post the kidney on here for sale, how many walking km's etc do you have on the bugger?
  5. Geki Minihux

    Blitz Front Mount JZX90 / JZX100

    Shops price not mine, rims like 19inch SSR Strusse are mine so i can change prices, other items are pre set.
  6. Geki Minihux

    About HashiriyaExport.com

    Hey guys, Just letting you know i have so many parts instock and i can get so many parts they wont be all listed to best to email or PM me. I can get everything from coilovers, turbos, boost controller, JDM stupid crap, dickies overalls, everything and anything i can get it here in Japan. If there is anything you like on my car let me know i can get it, these rims are CST rims easily available with 3 days notice.
  7. Howdy, Blitz JZX100 and JZX90 front mount setup, non cheap ebay crap that will lag you down and flow like shit. 600mm x 265mm x 70mm Price : $720ish USD / 65,000 yen - www.xe.com for todays currency rates. Postage : pending quote
  8. Geki Minihux

    JZX81 Front

    Hey guys, JZX81 front lights and grill in very good condition like new! Price : $155ish USD / 14,000 yen - www.xe.com for todays currency rates. Postage : pending quote
  9. Howdy, A Power FC for sale for JZX100 with the FC commander. Price : $940ish USD / 85,000 yen - www.xe.com for todays currency rates. Postage : cheap
  10. Geki Minihux

    18inch Dish WED's Kranze LXZ

    Expensive i know but only put up cause i know some people were chasing them. These are from a local shop down here, this is their advertised price. WED's are expensive rims in Japan, because everyone wants them. 18X9J 5H PCD114.3 OFF+5 18X10J 5H PCD114.3 OFF-7 Price : $2050ish USD / 185,000 yen - www.xe.com for todays currency rates. Postage : pending customer
  11. All 4 are 17x10 +20 offset light weight rims with tires that have 5-6mm tread on them. Price : $1650ish USD / 150,000 yen - www.xe.com for todays currency rates. Postage : pending quote www.xe.com for currency conversion
  12. Geki Minihux

    JZX Coilovers

    Howdy, I can get coilovers new and used ranging in all prices. I can get anything from Japan just name it. I currently have in stock a heap load of coilovers, i can get JZX81 coilovers but they arnt made no more by most tuning companies so they cost a bit more. Heres some i have in stock ranging from HKS to KTS and Cusco.
  13. Geki Minihux

    Evo 18inch Dish Rims

    From a shop down town. All four rims same offset 18x10J 5H PCD114.3 OFF-7 Price : $1400ish USD / 130,000 yen - www.xe.com for todays currency rates. Postage : pending customer
  14. For sale, SSR Strusse 19inch rims, some slight chrome chips here and there judge by the pictures but in pretty good condition. SSR Strusse 19x9.5 +10 / 19x11 +11 Price : $940ish USD / 85,000 yen - www.xe.com for todays currency rates. Postage : About $104US per rim
  15. Geki Minihux

    About HashiriyaExport.com

    Hashiriya Exports are a new company that provide export parts services of Japanese car parts to Australia and all over the world. The word "Hashiriya" in Japanese translates to running. Our goal is provide top quality new and used Japanese parts to your door with minimal effort or stress and maximum running (speed). Being a locally run Japanese business we have access to many wrecking yards within minutes of our location. Along with wrecking yards we have growing ties with local performance / body styling tuning companies. This allows us to source parts such as those little interior buttons your car is missing right through to aero parts, engine parts, suspension and brand new car parts, the list goes on, you name it we will try our best to find it. Operating Hourse : 7 Days / 9am - 4am (while other companies sleep im working for you!) Email Address : luke@hashiriyaexports.com Contact Number : +81 90 6129 3399 Customer Feedback http://www.forums.secretdrift.com.au/index...showtopic=22067