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  1. travis?

    x8, 5speed swap, neutral switch wires?

    rad, about to go try this. kthnks
  2. finally got the god damn 5speed swap in my car, now, which wires do i need to connect to make the starter work? been looking around and can't find any info anywhere, fuck. its a 91' if that matters. kthnks
  3. $70 shipped for him, and $105 shipped for me? fuckkkkk
  4. travis?

    slow, crappy rhd build.

    ummm... you seriously think rhd is that cool? I don't even want to know how much $$$ your going to spend on this. I'd rather convert a real jzx81 to lhd...
  5. put them on your cressida... S13 peak performance front 5lug hubs. don't have many miles on them. with bearings and extended studs. $300 and orange tree FLCA's. $400 obo. also, front Z32 calipers and slotted/drilled rotors. great condition, with almost new Project Mu pads. $300 kthanks. -travis
  6. PM'd you about some parts
  7. travis?

    FS Jz Soarer/Sc300 w58 California

    damn I wish I was in socal
  8. travis?

    TW/FS: 91 mx83 socal pix

    what did you use for sideskirts? they actually look kinda good!
  9. anyone have the dimensions of this radiator?
  10. travis?

    LCA foolishness

    hey, so, I think I'm gonna switch back to stock cressida hubs/ stock S13 LCA's so I can sell my orange tree control arms and peak hubs/extended studs... and you said the cress. steering knuckles are shorter than stock S13 ones, right?
  11. travis?

    Opinion and Feedback on spacers.

    I've used all kinds of spacers, bolt on, slip on, universal pattern ones, non hubcentric ones, I've stack 4 or 5 slip on spacers together. never had a problem. and I drive the shit out of my cars spacers are about as dangerous as stretched tires (they aren't).
  12. travis?

    Project filthy. I can has new chassis plz?

    wait, you reset the toe after putting those lca's on, right? and how is the ackerman with the longer LCA's ? also, my car has S14 outer tie rods... I guess they're supposed to be longer than stock... ? I would look into those as well.... then you could get aftermarket heim joint ones.
  13. travis?

    steering angle +spacers

    what has been modified on this car to increase the steering angle?
  14. travis?

    Project filthy. I can has new chassis plz?

    how much do these guys cost?
  15. travis?


    thats cool man. btw, give me your paypal address so I can send you some $$$
  16. travis?


    I'll give you some money for that 7m bellhousing if you get time to send it out.... esp. if you can find a clutch fork. <3
  17. travis?

    7MGE 5spd swap...nor cal

    can I buy the driveshaft from you? or, the front half of it?
  18. I need a driveshaft for a W58... just the front half, for the 5speed swap in my x8. and a shifter... and maybe a clutch fork... depending on if ian can find an extra one or not. and hood struts that will hold my hood up. thanks.
  19. so, 1988 toyota supra non-turbo driveshaft, is what I need, right?
  20. yeah I could go to a junkyard but there's snow on the ground so it will suck.... yeah shifter I'm not too worried about... I can even borrow the one out of my celica for now.... but I don't want to lay on the ground in the snow and pull out a driveshaft. lol. good to know about the hood struts
  21. travis?

    X8 adjustable rear camber arms, anyone seen these?

    ok sweet. I have yet to mess with my alignment or put my car at a proper ride height. I may have to invest in some of these arms in the future.
  22. travis?

    steering angle +spacers

    yeah dude look at my thread in the 'fuckin showoffs' section... I'll add more pictures of the suspension to it soon.
  23. travis?

    X8 adjustable rear camber arms, anyone seen these?

    isn't camber adjustable on the stock x8 rear arms? I'm guessing its just not 'as' adjustable as these aftermarket ones... ?
  24. travis?

    steering angle +spacers

    S14 outer tie rods. inners are stock cressida ones. btw, I just realized you said this was on an x7. but either way, same deal with wheel spacers. and move the pivot point out farther (longer control arms) and you'll get more clearnce on the inside.