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  1. zerocool

    Jon C pass

    Pass, that x7 is dope!
  2. zerocool

    Greg passafrass

    Pass for helping others
  3. zerocool

    Thomas fail

    Maybe if he had a little more knowlage of what he has, it seems like he doesnt know much about our cars.
  4. Damn that thing still had some good parts left!
  5. zerocool

    OEM Toyota Parts

    Any luck on hood struts and if so how much?
  6. zerocool

    My X8 Still Alive ??

    looks good where did you get the stock lip?
  7. zerocool

    Brian's Cressida

    Wow Brian! The car looks great! Ill trade you wheels
  8. zerocool

    our new cress

    IIRC they are interchangeable.
  9. zerocool

    our new cress

    Nice score , you ever going to finish that MKII? :-p
  10. zerocool

    JZXProject.com Vinyl

    Not to go offtopic but the house I was renting went into forclosure... I was forced to move.
  11. zerocool

    91 cressida partout

    If the rear seats are grey I am very interested...
  12. zerocool

    JZXProject.com Vinyl

    I haven't received mine yet lol, I ended up moving last week and put in a change of address, I hope it follows me.
  13. zerocool

    aftermarket r154 gearboxes?

    http://www.marlincrawler.com/ They can rebuild the R154 and "Customize" a gear box to your liking...
  14. Damn I might of traded you for your MARK II if knew it was available lol let us know how you like that MKIII .