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  1. Zale

    A testament to self loathing.

    Sweet Jesus, my fucking eyes!!!!!
  2. Thanks, Kyle. I'm still kickin, just busy with school.
  3. Apparently the ls400 mech fan that I ordered is way too long and hitting the lower rad hose. Does anyone who put a 2jz in their X90 have tips? Did you switch rads? What fan did you use? Fucking fuck shit fuck.
  4. Zale

    The (Amazing) x8 Amazing build thread Amazing

    Aaaaaaaand Im spent. They are so fucking good! Test fit the fuck out of them right now.... why are you still reading this? GO!
  5. Zale

    The (Amazing) x8 Amazing build thread Amazing

    KIIIIIIILLING IT!!!! Great choice!
  6. Haha! Love that vid! I always find it funny when I see Hotboyz posts cause I always saw Zapata in high school and never knew he was a car guy. Keep killin it, Jack!!
  7. Zale

    2jzgte Coil packs

    Im going the LQ9 coilpack route. Even went with the ultra idiot proof route and got the MOJO Performance kit for them.
  8. Zale

    A testament to self loathing.

    Z1000s are beasts!! Good buy.
  9. How much for the Ruck? Jack, the car is going to look sick this year, Im sure! If you need a 1j long block, I still have one sitting around.
  10. Zale

    Mark II part out

    If your buddy wver has an X90 Chaser, Id take fenders and headlights/corner lights.
  11. Zale

    x7 front end dmage help!!

    You want to invest how much money into a vehicle thats worth a couple hundred bucks? ...Buy a new shell, dude. Oh yeah, fuck you.
  12. Zale

    Want Vinyl?

    I want stacks on stacks on stacks of those stickers so I can sticker bomb my entire city!!!
  13. +1mm valves, GSC S2 cams, GSC springs, 11mm FIC 1100cc injectors, -6 feed and stock return, walbro 400lph pump, BW S366 .91 AR. Hoping for 600 wheel.
  14. Zale

    General Questions On The X7

    I vote we stop entertaining this fuck stick with responses and let him die out like the rest of them. Come back when you do work to your broke X7.