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  1. Brad.Cee

    Driftpig of OZ....X8 mate!!

    matte white with matte black bumpers and stuff ftw and pics of this next x8v8 aha
  2. Brad.Cee

    7m motor mounts.

    they are diffrent i threw my x8 ones out so i had to make my mk3 ones work i had to weld and drill the slots to fit i can have pictures of the finished mounts tomorow
  3. Brad.Cee

    fitment question

    honestly jimmy and jason u guys had good replys to my post helped me out the most not my fault im a noob btw and really i do need suspension for obvious reasons in the future and dont bring rich into this cause i forwarded me here over youtube aha as for you guys raggin on me about my shitbox i dont give a fuck my car right ye imn poor and young ofcourse im gonna do stupid shit but live wit it some people on here have some crazy ass cars but in the long run how many people can bring those cars to there full potential... so im cutting/slimming my perch because i put coilover springs in that cheap ebay shit up front. and jason if u dont like me or my car or whatever just the fact that u dont want me on here i dont give a shit im pretty much on here to learn right? since i didnt wanna be a faggot and pick some gay ass 240 or somtin so i bought a cress so i have decided 17x10 -15 that should be decent for now as for coilovers ill just end up making some fit
  4. Brad.Cee

    fitment question

    really? i just figurewd cuz they made em for stock car my buddy has a set of custom steelies not sure the name but very simular to diamonds and there light as and alex sorry for my grammar but i ussualy type realy ffast msn type kinda thing just me sorry. and what do you reccomend i do then? let me rephrase the question aswell how wide of a rim can i fit on my x83 i only have cut coils .im looking for ether 17 or 16 inch rim with low offset this is only for the front btw
  5. Brad.Cee

    fitment question

    aight so im gonna get 17x10s im gonna hammer the fuck out of the insides maybe cut and weld shit ye i dont want coilovers just yet im still learning with stock cuts and for s chassis fuck that shit u serious and by the way diamond racing steelies are pretty light
  6. Brad.Cee

    fitment question

    well i just want some badass ris for the front i can get them in any size i desire diamond racing steelies yo and for the rear only sawblades and i dont need anything under the hood yet im gonna be running cut coils for this season then im gonna upgrade to coilovers maybe even s13 all up front and i just need some gangstertivity for the front i thut 12 inch wide would be badass but i guess it would mad rub at full lock maybe 17x10 -25 offset? and what can i do for a lil camber ?
  7. Brad.Cee

    fitment question

    hey guys im looking into buying 2 new rims up front im looking into ordewring 17x12 with a -20 offset just wondering that will clear my strut and shit? i run cut coils i know im ognna be doin fender work and shit but just wondering if it will clear everything inside
  8. Brad.Cee

    timmaayyy fail

    and chop them fuckin coilss
  9. Brad.Cee

    Wheel fitment bitches x8!

    anyone know what 17x11 0 offset would look like on the front of cress?
  10. Brad.Cee

    didnt this guy just apply FAIL

    i say pass cuz sweet build thread would be goin. besides reminds me of my friends te27 rolla with 1uzfe and r154 in it
  11. Brad.Cee

    timmaayyy fail

    yeh i got him on msn seems legit already purchased mounts for swap i beleive should have a good build thread eventually and pass for canada bitchesss
  12. Brad.Cee


    i honestly favorite this one and 4 doors for more whores
  13. Brad.Cee

    my mx83

    and i was pissed someone keyed my car so i painted it with some rattle cans and did a baseball bat fender roll in the rear im gonna throw in some coilover sleeves for now and my welded lsd diff heres the paint and if u dont like it i dont care i do haggard is my way always been with my shitkickers my bmx is chainless and i ride it that way btw anyone else ride here?
  14. Brad.Cee

    my mx83

    so long story short my highschool teacher scrapped my cressida motor and trans and driveshaft this meaning i had no front sump oil pump oil pickup and oil pan i did not have the driveshaft carrier bearing and motor mounts aswell so i cut and weld the pickup for the supra to fit my new front sump pan so after i made my mounts the motor site 2 inches far forward! and i still dont have a carrier bearing my dilema to get it running is i gotta pull the motor again slot the mounts to slide it back get the carrier bearing but its hard to find a parts cressida there hard to find in junkyards to nobody has them locally so heres a funny part with the supra i fucked its day up and posted it on the local supra forums that was fun so many people were upset ahaha i let all the little black kids in my complex to kick the shit out if it then we chopped its roof off all my little companions are dope always helping me out ether pushin or washing my car some of em even help pull the motor pretty smart for some 12 yearolds
  15. Brad.Cee

    my mx83

    whats the box for tho?