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  1. Space Case

    Bought a Mark II JZX81

    Nice. Is it a genuine yamaha edition or just same paint scheme?
  2. Space Case

    Need advice on buying JZX90.

    Tbone i already told you like everything i know about importing cars. Do it yourself. Its easy. Sign up with an auction house. And no, you cant get the car for 1K shipping. It costs about 3K to import a car to BC. This includes shipping, fees/tax/comission on the export side, fees/tax/road worthyness on the import side.
  3. Space Case

    Need advice on buying JZX90.

    All 3 cars are sedans, all have a B-pillar. Automatics are gay. $16K USD is gay. Mark IIs are the most common, but are going up in price because they arguably look the best. They usually go for less than 5K USD at auction, for 5 speed cars... Provide cars is a export/auction company I've had good success with. PM me if you want more info. DO NOT use sites like goo or tradecarview. Those are basically the equivalent of craigslist. You CAN get deals once in a while, but most stuff is overpriced shit targeted towards unwitting importers.
  4. Space Case

    Phresh off the boat X110

    Update: Car was very knock limited, which seems to be common among VVTi engines (cyl head design? higher compression?) We had to run farely conservative timing, and it was killing power sorta. Installed water/meth kit, bumped timing up AND reduced boost. Full boost at 2700rpm. Red is HP, blue is TQ. Numbers are true SAE, not some dynojet faggot bullshit. Car is mucho fasto. I may go up 1 size on the turbo and try to break 420 RWHP ish, or may just install cams. Or both. I dont know. $$$$$ choo choo
  5. Space Case

    Phresh off the boat X110

    I specifically didnt go with modded injectors just for that reason. They're gay. EV14s are arguably the best injectors on the market. Im not paying the same price for some old ass, poor performing, garage modded bullshit.. These injectors are off the shelf and can be purchased at nearly any autoparts store. 550s are large to support 400HP at OEM fuel pressure, which I dont intend on going over. I'd had thoughts about going larger for the sake of E85 upgrade in the future but decided against it, between the poor mileage, complete lack of support in my area, and the fact that I don't drive the car very often. I want to keep the car drivable and reliable, have no plans to go a lot higher or else ill start breaking more shit. The car also has a 4.1 RnP in it so it boogies pretty well. The turbo is something I'm sort of testing for a company that is building a bunch of bolt-on solutions. More to come in the future. Also just picked up some TRD swaybars from an Is300, those are going on this weekend since stock ones are limpdick.
  6. Space Case

    Phresh off the boat X110

    Hybrid borg warner EFR turbo installed ECU master black installed EV14 550s installed lots of other bullshit...new coilovers, new spindles, gauges, AEM fuel pump, more gays.
  7. Space Case

    Help in choosing Diff swap

    Just run 22" wheels.
  8. Space Case

    JZX / JCE10 short spindles

  9. Space Case

    Help in choosing Diff swap

  10. Space Case

    Exedy hyper single clutch/flywheel

  11. Space Case

    Exedy hyper single clutch/flywheel

    Nope this is the one from my car. That one also came with a carbon disc for a different clutch, (3s) and didnt have the hardware, or bearings or anything. total mis matched set. also had a 3 puck clutch welded to the friction surface. i thought about buying it then said fuck it cuz i couldnt verify that it actually worked.
  12. For JZ/R154 setups Comes with: pressure plate/TOB friction disc flywheel required clutch specific hardware Friction disc is at about 85% of new thickness, so its pretty low mileage. $600 Canadian shit tickets http://www.exedy.co.uk/en/sports/vehicles/toyota/soarer-jzz30-(1991-2000)/hyper-single-th04sd1-1jz-gte/
  13. Space Case

    Curse of the Cressida

    Your steering wheel is upside down. FIY.
  14. Space Case

    JZX / JCE10 short spindles

    Word. Just sent out another set to a local who asked for -20mm.
  15. Space Case

    JZX / JCE10 short spindles

    I am ok with all of this.