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  1. LikeHoy

    FS XM Diff bushings for X8

    Pmed you....
  2. LikeHoy

    Mark II Lights

    Pmed you....
  3. LikeHoy

    S9 yamaha spoiler

    Where are located?? What to trade 326 wing???? Lmk thanks
  4. LikeHoy

    fs thule roof rack socal

    Pls help sell this...OBO
  5. LikeHoy

    fs thule roof rack socal

    Have a thyme roof rack for gutter. With faring, 2x bike attachment, 2x wheels holders, and ski/snowboard attachments Asking $400. Obo located in Ontario socal text me @you 6266223245 thanx
  6. LikeHoy

    WTB: CT15B Turbo (OEM 1JZ VVTi)

    Got one ... pmed you....
  7. LikeHoy

    Im drunk for sale part ii

    Where you located??
  8. LikeHoy

    97 tacoma 5spd 62k miles

    ^^^ that's right then ill buy it?
  9. LikeHoy

    fs 1jz non trac t/b socal

    Lmk $100 6266223245
  10. LikeHoy

    Knocking 1jz

    Hey did you ever fixed that problem??
  11. oh...k i got it from a 90's nissan skyline gtr but for reals... got it from a shop in the IE thats not open anymore... like two years ago... and it wasnt in the best condition... but with walmart $.99 spray can doesnt that bad... wanted this lip cause its plastic and not fiberglass so i can beat on it and itll go right back your best bet is yahoo.jp or inported like jpr but its gonna be a grip like everything else for this car
  12. hey guy this is mine.... my car had this set up before hella flush came along... but its cool that they took my pic... aphxero... sorry man you feel like that but thanx for the great job on my harness and to all people hating i do drive this car every day and its not dump to where i cant have fun with it... dont hate appreciate??!!.... be good or be good at it