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    wheels need to sell

    if your interested in anything text me at 520-609-4185 or pm me selling my wheels have just got the set i want so i dont need all these anymore the first set i have is a set of KMC sixty eight(hotwheels) they are 5x114.3 in 17x9 +42 all the way around asking 400obo with tires and these are discontinued ive only had them for a month and i also have a set of 17x8 ls430 wheels there chrome and scratched up but there good and look nice polished up asking 120obo with tires
  2. shoesandsocks

    W58 7m swap parts

    Need to make so many so im giving up my five speed swap I have a 7m w58 with bell housing supra mk3 clucth pedal driveshaft and shifter have the metal clutch line and the slave cylinder although the slave is kinda ganked up so i would get a new one pretty much just needs the flywheel and clucth and it would be a full swap i dont have them cause this was gonna go on my 1uz so my loss your gain would like to sell as a whole for 320 just need the money right now once the cash flow starts to increase ill just keep it if your interested please call or text me at 520 609 4185 but dont pm me cause it will take me forever to respond
  3. shoesandsocks

    91 cressida

    if its still available when i get back to tucson i might buy it if my is300 dont work out
  4. shoesandsocks

    gs300 (jzs147) for sale or trade for a cressida

    how u gonna it all the way here from canada
  5. Well im siting here in ait about to go home in 13 days fucking finally just wanted to see if anyone wanted the current sled before i have to drop a ass load off money on it so the asking price is 3400obo as it sits now or ill trade for a cressida with a five speed swap or take a cressida that doesnt run with some cash or something i just want to see cause if no ones interested ill keep it cause i really like the car i just miss my cress and want to build a full drift project if your intersted let me know the worst i can say is no and if no one wants i start a na-t build and drift please pm if your intersted at all or commet the post the details- 1994 lexus gs300 na 2jz per usual still auto custom paint its a sick blue that fades to purple tanabe sustec coilovers there old as hell but hey they still work car sits about 3.5in lower tinted fogs cross drilled rotors with ceramic pads 20mm front spacers 16x7 mk3 alloys currently on the car 11k hid low beams blue led gauge cluster the good- car runs and drive flawlessly no slips or smoke drive it from tucson to phoenix all the time in comfort ice cold a/c brand new tint i had installed right before i left for basic(3months old) oil changed every month and trans fluid and diff oil changed every four months seafoamed every six(im ocd about fluids) clean title all the body work in the pictures fixed the bad-the interior is shitty the front door driver door panel has a hole the ashtray has a crack the front windows dont work they are off track they have power though so the motors are good theres rips in the leather in the leather on the driver seats and the front seats dont recline alot of negatives i know have a bunch of pics from begining to end i like to show somewhat the complete picture when they buy something from me so if there is to many mods feel free to cut some out and how it sits right now my personal favorite
  6. shoesandsocks

    Cluster & interior LED lights

    uh im super tired right now so i dont understand the question but there from this sight i got them for free so yeah there a bit expensive but they work
  7. shoesandsocks

    Cluster & interior LED lights

    i did this in my gs and there great they work wonders and i have them all through my car these are the only pics i have which are before i fixed the deadspots but yeah i like em there awesome
  8. shoesandsocks

    91 cressida

    i am still interested but i cant have two cars if i sell my gs i would take it or if u wanna take my gs and trade with cash on your end and i keep the motor out of my car or something i can do that but i cant have two
  9. shoesandsocks

    gs300 (jzs147) for sale or trade for a cressida

    defenitly intersted in your car check your pm
  10. shoesandsocks

    gs300 (jzs147) for sale or trade for a cressida

    hmm no one wants i guess its money pit time
  11. shoesandsocks

    91 cressida

    i want this so bad i could cry
  12. shoesandsocks

    gs300 (jzs147) for sale or trade for a cressida

    yep in tucson or will be back on june 3rd
  13. shoesandsocks

    1990 Toyota Cressida (SOLD PLZ CLOSE)

    intrested in trading for my gs300 i really want another cressida
  14. shoesandsocks

    GS 5spd Conversion

    welcome other gs member although i am trying to trade mine for a cressida welcome i wish my progress was this far for my car and its 5spd swap oh well least i have some inspiration until some actually is dumb enough to trade me for a cress that is excellent work though man keep up the progress
  15. shoesandsocks

    Some Parts for sale

    how much the aristo garnish shipped to 85748
  16. shoesandsocks

    Baller Daily 161 build

    im gonna go burn my gs to the ground now for it being to lame k byez awsome work man i love your ish
  17. shoesandsocks

    My daily

    lol i would have i actually sold the car and then the new owner powdercoated them black when i rebought the car this is what i got stuck with
  18. shoesandsocks

    My daily

    I figured with bippu putting his gs on here i might as well so here it is before and after fixed the windows and everything there then went on to improving the car bought these off of bippus old setup new wheels lowed yada yada new paint and body work with new wheels and how it currently will be sitting until i get back from basic training and get a swap done on it And after all this all i can say is i cant wait to get another cressida
  19. shoesandsocks

    My daily

    lol the mustang wheels were off my cressida fit alot better on that car and feisar i would give my nuts for your blue cressida that was like one of my first inpirations with my first cressida
  20. The shop i worked for is selling a 1jz we got for a 4runner project for a customer upon leak down test we discovered that it has a blown head gasket so we refunded the money to the customer and now have the engine so for 1200 u get the entire engine w/harness and ecu, and a r154 transmisson looking for local pickup but shipping maybe provided at the owners expense. we also have a spare 2jz block just the block no pistons or anything well let go for 50 bucks if anyone wants it Any and all question should be sent to the owner of the shop. U can call 520-741-3210 for subversive speed and machine or owners cell 317-402-3447 ask for rob thanks in advance for any interest guys we really need to sell this
  21. shoesandsocks

    Baller Daily 161 build

    why so much work on this one bippu what happened to the batmobile last time we talked on cl it was just getting the f con and single getting started?
  22. shoesandsocks

    bradlee's X8...

    the color of your car reminds me of mine just a bit darker good shit though man really coming together
  23. shoesandsocks

    Lexus meet on the weekend, 2GS got new shoes

    wheres your first gen show off pics of that beast is all the hks single stuff on it yet?
  24. shoesandsocks

    Wtb Mk3 clutch pedal

    i needed this like yesterday last part in my manual swap please pm or call 520 609 4185 shipping would be to 85748
  25. shoesandsocks

    X8 Kidhauler Baller

    the thing i like most about the things u build is the overwhelming attention to detail love your project wish i could do the same