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  1. @ Kyle Cause if your doing it properly it should be impossible almost to daily without either police problems ( Australia ) or scraping everything on the road on the way to the supermarket I've gone to so much trouble to get my x81 registered, thousands of dollars, so dont get me wrong, I'll street always. But I have a nice comfy bt50 for other requirements lol
  2. Why th fuk would you build a single turbo x8 for a daily what the fuk get a camry I have a 4.1 it skids good on street second gear is nice and useful, 4.3 is great on track for 4th gear entries but prob find on street trying to switch between 2nd and 3ed too much 4.1 good allround gear ratio, highways arent too bad but worth it when sideways
  3. Skin

    skins mark 2 drifter

    Thanks boys been a shit ton of man hours into this thing I'm gonna rock twin go pros soon on this down hill cause footage be too good to miss lol Yea running 2 j pump with top line spal thermo fan apparently make best thermos in world hence why i got em, in conjunction with koyo tripple core copper rad Need more venting plus could have air lock still
  4. Skin

    skins mark 2 drifter

    got me shit together again, been street drifting twice in the last week for two serious sessions at a awesome local spot, 30 corners of linkage awesomeness, better than any track whats more car didnt miss a beat apart from getting too hot, this to be addressed oh also i sold my single turbo and power fc, paid some bills and wacked the twins back on the new motor with custom dumps I dont give a shit it drives again mother fuckers
  5. Skin

    4 doors, more whores

    Nice. Your actually doing something cool unlike most people on this forum Fk the haters
  6. Skin

    [BLACKBIRD] MY JZX81 Build

    Didn't even see sticker lol Starting a build thread is a sure sign lol
  7. Skin

    [BLACKBIRD] MY JZX81 Build

    Groupies wanted
  8. Skin

    Xcessive Zero Ackerman steering knuckles

    new product that isnt adjustable ruca's Devvvooo but cool lol
  9. Skin

    Steering - I want to go backwards

    please tell me what the hell that castor rod is thanks
  10. Skin

    Steering - I want to go backwards

    Rob that's a shit size for front If your after lock
  11. Skin

    Steering - I want to go backwards

    yea nice work, i run 4deg neg on front helps heaps to get the contact patch when on full lock
  12. Skin

    Steering - I want to go backwards

    Nice work any bind?
  13. Skin

    XM X8 Full Rear Arm Kit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Well sounds like ruca needs to be pushed to the top of the to do list lol
  14. Skin

    Steering - I want to go backwards

    yea well the s14 stuff has no bearing on clearence just rack speed i guess i reakon without a spacer and if i hadnt notched my lca full lock would be my lca Heres some pics Knuckles, i want no ackerman and shorter next time but these still feel awesome to drive with Rack mounts LCA