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  1. Bummed I didnt get to see this thing, got there during top 16 and it was pouring. Matt had some diff parts for you too


    Thats too bad cause we gave Aasbo a run for his money.....


    I totally forgot about the diff parts until sunday when we were leaving Englishtown :(



    Looks smooth. Rear spring rate?


    With the rear mounted radiator, we've had to stiffen it up because of the extra weight back there. Currently running 9k's

  2. Ok guys, its that time of year to clean out the garage.


    4x AEM 320lph fuel pumps used for 4 events and 1 dyno session. Part# 50-1000





    SOLD Aero motive 13109 fuel pressure regular used for 3 seasons and comes with pressure gauge.




    SOLD Aeromotive fuel filter with -10an fittings. Used for 4 events.




    SOLD TRD shift knob. Good condition. $50usd shipped anywhere in North America.





    Used Greddy profec B Spec 2 boost controller with Boost control valve and wiring needed to hook it up. Works perfectly. $220usd shipped anywhere in North America.




    SOLD Used 1JZ non vvti igniter. Works fine. $100usd shipped anywhere in North America.





    If interested in anything, emailing me would get the quickest response. baribeau_30@hotmail.com

  3. Hi guys,


    I got a couple extra sets of Taper Pro lug nuts that I'm trying to get rid of. These are extremely well made lug nuts that will not scratch!!!


    TPi developed Forged Racing Nuts. Since race cars have to endure many types of stresses, the material had to be SCM440, heat-treated. And different beautiful finish is developed for those who are looking for a distinct look for their vehicle. These lug nuts are the same ones used on my Formula Drift car.

    Brand: TPI
    Height: 45mm
    O.D.: 24mm
    Hex: 17mm
    Seat: 60 degree
    Package: 20 Piece Box

    Colours available: Polar Light and Blue Titanium
    Available in M12x1.25 and M12x1.5

    $150usd for Polar Light

    $170usd for Blue Titanium

    Shipping throughout North America for $15usd




  4. I wasn't sure where to put this. Mods feel free to move it if its not in the correct section.


    I am offering a special hook up to anyone needing a Garrett Turbo. I can get my hands on two turbos so first two people to get in touch with me will be able to get a hook up on them. I can get my hands on anything from their GTX30 or GTX35 line up.


    You can either email or PM me. email would be best for me. mats@goldinthenet.com