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  1. I ran a 60-1 turbo last year at 19psi and that was the maximum boost i could get with BKR7E and then changed to an NGK 8 range racing plug ( i forget the code at this time, id have to check my toolbox) and never had an issue since running over 20psi. Also I couldnt get more than 1 event on BKR7E before they would foul. The NGK 8 range plugs that I am running now I have a dyno session and 3 track days on them at 20+ psi and no issues.
  2. well guys made it back from NJ. Here is an on-board lap of Englishtown Raceway on the Gold in the Net / Canada Synthetics Toyota JZX90 Mark II on April 2nd, 2011. Hope you guys enjoy. all feedback is welcomed.
  3. here is a quick clip from a dyno pull from Thursday.
  4. i took it up the road to test it out yesterday when coming back from the dyno and holy crap, roasted 1,2,3 and 4th super easy.
  5. Mats

    Nick @ Elite|JDM 2010 Season Recap

    Please bring out your x90 !!!!! We can tandem!
  6. well dyno'd the car today and holy shit.... its stupid fast now! 500rwhp and 430 ft lbs. I am getting full boost (20psi) at 4000 rpm which is 400ft lbs torque. This setup rips now!
  7. thanks man! DG5 coilovers im guessing?
  8. Spent the day in the garage working on the car getting it ready for the dyno this coming Thursday! Put tires on new wheels, installed new water pump and Matt installed new inner tie rods.
  9. no dyno results yet. Its going on the dyno this thursday. I wish i could go to ASB but way too far to go. One of these days though, one of these days.... nope. Its a Borg Warner.
  10. sweet stuff dude! How did you find the x90 compared to your S13? What size wheels? offset? tire size? is that a custom wide rear 1/4?
  11. well old turbo is off and new one is on..... super anxious to see dyno results!
  12. welcome to JZXP Charlie!
  13. Well guys this came in the mail today! Bought it from Steve (oz designs) which iirc he is on here? This was ordered by him from Full Race for a super fast spool up on 1/2jz. He then changed his mind and I jumped on it. Cant wait to see dyno results as well as driveability!
  14. well guys spent some more time in the shop tonight. passenger side doors are now done. Just driver rear door left and then its time to get front and rear sections of the car cut off and re-tube the chassis.
  15. ive thought about removing the inner door bar but dont want to as im afraid the door will be flimsy and tough to open and close properly. I know this happened to a few guys with s chassis. If there is interest ill try to update this as often as possible. For updates on the team and events etc, check out our facebook page. search for " Gold in the Net : Drift Team"
  16. well here is what I have been up to lately. The goal this year is to lose as much weight as possible.
  17. Mats

    Alex's Build

    what did you do/use for wide rears? its custom i take it?
  18. ask him if he has jzx90 Mark II BN available or wide front fenders.
  19. Hey guys, this is the second new rear main seal i install on the car and its still leaking. like WTF. Is there a specific way to install these? I made sure to use oil on it to soften it up and then made a custom plate so i tighten this plate with flywheel bolts to make sure the seal goes in evenlly and then carefully tapped it in a little further to make sure its seated properly. and it still leaks. Any info would be greatly appreciated guys!
  20. Mats

    JZX90 Cresta - CheeseCake

    dont hate the serious business lol
  21. Mats

    Japanese Buick Couture

    Nice!!! cant wait to see the final pics!
  22. how do they get any type of traction with 20kg rear coils? what size rear tires does the yellow JZX90 run?
  23. are you possitive on the 20kg spring rates for the rear? you sure its not 20kg for the front?