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  1. Drift-zilla has just been mentioned in GarageSpec Magazine August 2011 edition. Click on the link below for more details. http://www.matsbaribeau.com/?p=118
  2. hey guys, here is the recap from DMCC Round 3. http://www.matsbaribeau.com/?p=108
  3. Hey guys, check out our recap after hitting the wall in DMCC Round 2 as well as what we went through to get it ready for Round 3. http://www.matsbaribeau.com/?p=81
  4. Mats

    X90 Hydraulic Handbrake Installed

    once you figure it all out, if you could share the info that would be awesome!
  5. yes i have it in the trailer. i keep wanting to bring it back but everytime i drive by i forget to bring it.
  6. In a collective decision involving all parties of the Canada Synthetics / Gold in the Net Drift team, it is agreed that for the remainder of the 2011 season, all marketing and competitive efforts will be shifted from the DMCC series and pointed towards the Hold The Line series in the North Eastern United States. After reviewing the season thus far and completing mid season reports, it is certain that marketing, competition and the costs related to such will be better served outside of the DMCC environment. The CS/GITN drift team will compete in the remaining HTL events and will not attend the DMCC Round 4 event in Montmangy, Quebec. We would like to thank all of our fans that have been following and supporting us and we welcome them to keep following us on our "Gold in the Net : Drift Team" facebook page and also our new website www.matsbaribeau.com. For more information concerning this decision you may contact the following: Mats Baribeau - Gold in the Net - Ontario Bannon Woods - www.WoodsRacing.ca http://www.matsbaribeau.com/?p=88
  7. FUCK ME HARD!!!! soooo hot!!!
  8. Guys here is a recap of DMCC Round 2 from our team and the behind the scenes to try and be ready for round 3 which is this coming weekend. http://woodsracing.ca/2011/07/05/the-incredible-inevitable-wall/
  9. Mats

    X90 Cresta non turbo part out - Canada

    i facebooked you but just incase, you see this first, pm me your cell number. I need suspension parts overnighted!
  10. sweet stuff man! Lets keep the JZX90 chassis' up in the standings in DMCC! btw i just noticed you guys still have castrol windsheild banners? Whats up with that? I thought Castrol dropped out and it was NOS now? Atleast thats what it is for us in the East.
  11. well the car worked really well at DMCC Round 1 in Montmagny! Nothing like putting down fresh rubber higher then the rest of the competition on the bank! We qualified 4th and finished 6th. Not bad for the opening round for 2011. Looking forward to Round 2!
  12. Hey guys, here is onboard footage of the finals against Miro.
  13. Hey guys, just wanted to let you guys know of our achievements this past weekend in Monticello NY for Round 1 of Hold The Line (HTL). We qualified 1st and finished 2nd! Check out our blog at: http://woodsracing.ca/2011/05/04/733/ We will see you guys at Drift 4 Ca$h! Mats Baribeau #30 Canada Synthetics / Gold in the Net Drift Team
  14. Incase some of you dont follow us on facebook, here is a recap of the last 3 weeks or so of our Canada Synthetics / Gold in the Net JZX90 Mark II. http://woodsracing.ca/2011/04/18/drift-zilla-rtc/ If you are interested in joining our facebook page, here is the link http://www.facebook.com/pages/Gold-in-the-Net-Drift-Team/293564951430 Interested to find out your feedback. Looking forward to the 2011 DMCC season. Mats Baribeau Car #30 Canada Synthetics/Gold in the Net Drift Team
  15. Mats

    feeler: part out jzx90

    couple pm's sent but no replies....
  16. Mats

    1JZ VVTi HELP!!

    We have DMCC that same weekend
  17. here is a clip from one of my runs.
  18. im over 20 psi this year. Last year I was at 18-19psi but with a different turbo. IIRC the new turbo is 59lbs/min? running 94 octane for now. It was nice seeing you as well dude!
  19. Mats

    feeler: part out jzx90

    send me PM if your interested in selling headlights, tail lights and front fenders.
  20. someone from NJ made this..... http://www.streetfire.net/video/beastly-toyota-chaser-drifts-around-the-track_2232746.htm PS: the reaction of the guy behind the camera from 2:10-2:30 is priceless..... "ohhhhhh SHHHIIIITTTTTT"
  21. Same here, it was nice talking with you!