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  1. why are you putting heater core in if its a track car?
  2. will there be enough room for the headers to clear the steering shaft? the rest looks good Shawn!
  3. Click on the link to view pictures of the progress. http://www.matsbaribeau.com/heart-surgery-at-sims-customs
  4. here is a teaser.... more pics to be posted tomorrow.
  5. Simon from SIMS Customs sent me some pictures. You guys can see the updates on my site. http://www.matsbaribeau.com/chop-and-rebuild-sims-customs-style
  6. no teaser just yet. when we release the paint scheme it'll be posted on the website first. www.matsbaribeau.com
  7. i was going through old pictures from the start of the season and thought id share this one with crazy angle.
  8. Thanks man! The car is getting a completely new paint scheme for Formula Drift for 2012! its gonna be sharp!
  9. Here is an onboard view of the 2nd place qualifying run from Mats Baribeau from Hold The Line Round 3. The Canada Synthetics / Gold in the Net JZX90 was running good that day! http://www.matsbaribeau.com/2nd-place-qualifying-run-at-htl
  10. thanks Shawn! Ill be following your progress as well!
  11. Hey guys, Just named my team roster for our 2012 Formula Drift season. http://www.matsbaribeau.com/team-roster-released-in-preparation-for-2012-formula-drift
  12. Hey guys, Just finished making a post about our last track day at Shannonville. Its now time to prep for Formula Drift 2012! http://www.matsbaribeau.com/?p=222
  13. i ran it for a dyne session and 1 track day so far.
  14. I'm running one in my jzx90 on VP race fuel and its running awesome and quiet.
  15. hey guys, a little write up from my past weekend at Irwindale. I also met a fellow jzxp member. http://www.matsbaribeau.com/?p=185
  16. http://www.matsbaribeau.com/?p=180
  17. Official release can be found here: http://www.matsbaribeau.com/?p=165 Baribeau to Compete in Formula Drift -Podium in the Hold the Line Pro-am Series Earns Team an FD License St.Lazare Quebec – Oct. 3 2011 With a successful season completed and a 2nd place finish at Formula Drift’s Pro-am series Hold the Line, the team is headed south full time to compete in the Formula Drift pro series contests. The podium finish coupled with the dedication and steady performance of the team has earned the CanadaSynthetics.ca / Gold in the Net Drift team a spot on the 2012 FD roster. Mats Baribeau and Bannon Woods will be attending round 7 in Irwindale California on Oct 7th and 8th but due to logistics and time constraints the teams JZX90 Toyota Mark II will not be in the Pro Am All Stars Invitational race for said weekend. Mats Baribeau will headline as lead driver and Bannon Woods of Woods Racing/Canada Synthetics will stay on the team register. Details of sponsorship and mechanical/advisory participation will be announced at a later date. Hold the line is Formula Drift’s official North Eastern licensing series and has awarded 5 FD licenses out of the 22 registered Pro-am drivers and teams left in the standings. Although the schedule has not been released, FD will run a minimum of 7 rounds across the United States in 2012. Formula Drift has created the first ever drifting world championship; brought together 32 drivers, 17 past and present championship, from 12 nations, representing 12 series and the first drifting championship to be aired on national cable & syndicated globally with a dedicated series of shows. “We are very excited and thank the FD crew for giving us a chance to compete at this level. We look forward to representing Montreal, Brockville and the rest of Canada in the coming 2012 season. We would also like to thank the fans who have stuck by us and can’t wait to put on a good show for everybody next year.” -Bannon Woods For more information please feel free to contact the following: Bannon Woods – Woods Racing, Canada Synthetics Mats Baribeau – Gold in the Net Ontario
  18. Mats

    X90 Hydraulic Handbrake Installed

    got any pics of it installed? According to UPS tracking number, my ASD ebrake will come in today. Just curious to see how you mounted it.
  19. sick dude! That wall ride would have been sick if you wouldn't have spun after
  20. this update can be found on my website. http://www.matsbaribeau.com/ As many of you are aware, we had an encounter with a wall at Icar. We still drove two events afterwards with the car bent and lets just say it wasn’t driving like it used to. Well the month of August has been slow for us which allowed us to do much needed repairs on the car before Hold The Line Round 3 which is September 10th. We just got the car back today from the frame shop. The guys over at Fix Auto in Kingston did an amazing job! Now its a waiting game until the remainder of our parts come in from Japan.
  21. Standings from HTL have been updated. We are still in 2nd place after 2 rounds. Next round is september 11th at Englishtown, NJ. http://www.matsbaribeau.com/?p=124
  22. i kept blowing out BKR7E all the time and switch to NGK 8 racing plugs. Let me know if you want me to get you the code. I would usually foul the BKR7E every round before i switched to the 8 and now with the 8 i can do 3-4 events before having to change them
  23. what kind of plug are you running?