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  1. shipment of shirts came in today. All the pre-orders that have been placed are being shipped out in the morning. Thanks for all the support guys! It mean a lot! small are already sold out. I have medium to 2xl left.
  2. shipment of shirts came in today. All the pre-orders that have been placed are being shipped out in the morning. Thanks for all the support guys! It mean a lot! small are already sold out. I have medium to 2xl left.
  3. Yeah we need to replace the DBS sticker that was on my rear window. Ill pm you on 613DW for sizing and colour. Thanks Bill.
  4. just felt that this gave it a more badass feel compared to an x chassis. having an x chassis on it starts to limit who will buy it. Also DSTROYR wanted to keep to their style which is old school bad ass stuff! Tell you what guys, once i sell out of my 36 shirts, ill make one with my jzx90 on it. sounds good?
  5. Mats Baribeau Fan Packages! This is an awesome design by Jon Chase of DSTROYR made exclusively for Mats Baribeau and his Gold in the Net : Drift Team fans!!! All proceeds from these package will be put towards our 2012 Formula Drift rookie season. Please show your support and help us make it to all 3 FD East Coast rounds! The cost for each package is $35 including shipping to any Canadian address and will include: a “Baribeau x DSTROYR” Tshirt of your size, a Gold in the Net rubber wrist band and a sticker. We are currently taking pre-orders as the shirts are scheduled to arrive April 11th. Send paypal payment to baribeau_30@hotmail.com so secure your shirt/fan package today to guarantee your t shirt size! Be sure to supply us with t shirt sizing and shipping address. If you live outside of Canada, email us at baribeau_30@hotmail.com or mats@goldinthenet.com for a shipping quote. Here is the post on our website: http://www.matsbaribeau.com/baribeau-x-dstroyr-t-shirt-fundraiser/
  6. ok so I've been making some progress on the wiring but still un sure about a couple wires. Right now i have the headlights, tail lights, brake lights, hazards, fuel pump and wipers wired up. There is nothing left of the factory chassis wiring. Anyone know what else i need to wire up to get the engine to run? I need 12v to the ecu. which ecu pin out do i use for that? The "batt" pinout? I need ignition power to power up ecu correct? Which pin out do i use for that? B+ or IGSW? Everyone has been telling me to contact Mark but i pm'd and he said to call him at the shop but what i thought was his number saved in my phone ends up being answered by a Julia. Anyone know his number? Does he still work at unnatural?
  7. Mats

    Drift event photos. Everyone waste money!

  8. Here is some raw footage from my USA events in 2011. Looking to top this in 2012!
  9. Make sure you come say hi and introduce yourself! The only arms that are stock right now are the front LCA but they are modified.
  10. Picked up the car from Sims Customs tonight. Simon did an amazing job!
  11. going through old pics from the start of the season. Wow i miss that bumper.
  12. Mats

    Trust the Tuner?

    i though 2j's had 440?
  13. Mats

    Trust the Tuner?

    I'm making over 500hp with 700cc injectors and aeromotive stealth pump. I maxed out 550cc injectors (95% duty cycle) making 450hp. Honestly i would recommend you going with 550 right off the bat and be safe.
  14. definitely staying 1J with this chassis. heres a random pic from the weekend...
  15. didn't get as much done as i would have liked yesterday but still made some progress. The engine is back in the car and most of the front end is back together.
  16. Tks man! We won't be at long beach. Right now we are fighting to find enough sponsors to do the 3 east coast rounds. If we get enough sponsors on board to support our program, we would also like to do Vegas and Irwindale. Right back at you!!!!! Yeah i remember the street days. Honestly i don't miss it one bit after a day at the track with the way the car is set up now, it beats the street days hands down. I am planning on wiring the car tomorrow. Ill have updates for you guys either tomorrow night or monday.
  17. btw got this in today! Cant wait to wire up the car Sunday.
  18. a couple updates. Going to pick up the car Sunday.
  19. yes i am keeping the kit for back up as they are hard to get hands on. Hopefully its all back together next week and back at the shop. Then its time to re wire the car from scratch.
  20. what does painless have over the ARC kit that you prefer the painless? Just trying to find out before i order my kit.
  21. I'm taking everything out of the car and want to start from scratch. This is the kit i was thinking about. http://www.jegs.com/i/ARC-Auto-Rod-Controls/116/8000D/10002/-1?parentProductId=757613#moreDetails Also i don't have any power windows, etc. All i need is wipers ( 2 speed) hazards, lights (hi & low) brake lights and engine stuff. Will this kit work?
  22. what painless kit did you get? does it come with everything that you need?
  23. yeah that Chaser BN bumper is awesome!!!! when the front is all together the bumper really adds a lot of aggression!!! Exactly what we were missing last season when we ran the stock front bumper.