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  1. We came to the conclusion that the spindle developed a stress fracture from when we hit the wall in MTL back in 2011 and finally let go in Atlanta. We got the other 3 spindles and all the control arms magnetically checked and none have any signs of cracks starting. I took the spindle off my spare chassis so we will be good to go in Florida.
  2. On our last practice lap before qualifying, halfway through the lap, the left rear spindle snapped at one of the suspension arm pick ups. We removed it and tried to weld it back up but when we went out back to test it before our last attempt to put a lap down for qualifying, it snapped again. That was the only spare suspension parts we didnt have
  3. thanks! Im really digging the new look as well! Yeah I remember the first time i drove it to your place. we both sat in the driveway staring at it and couldnt stop drooling lol. circa 2008. sweet!! make sure to swing by our pits and say hi!
  4. Mats Baribeau and his road to Formula Drift. Web series coming soon!!! Also, here is a quick shot of our car. Hope you guys like it as much as us!! You can follow us throughout the season on the following: www.facebook.com/GITNDrift www.facebook.com/MatsBaribeauDrift www.twitter.com/matsbaribeau www.instagram.com/matsbaribeau
  5. Mats

    Its here!!! FOCUS ON THE MOMENT!!!

    for some reason, the vimeo link didnt work. Here it is
  6. Mats

    VVTi 2JZGTE power FC

    Matt, Just change your turbo and youll make more down low power I have 10hp less than you but make more torque with a smaller turbo. Also, AEM EMS with NOS on your current 1j and youre laughing!
  7. well guys picked up the Mark II today from the shipping yard. Anyway sit had to get a boost. ok no problem. now drove for 3.5 hours on hwy heading home. got home fine. put it in garage and go eat dinner. come back after and go to start the car and it turned over twice and then battery is dead. is it normal? im guessing after 3+ hours of hwy driving it should have charged enough to be able to start again right? well what i did is put a volt meter to the battery and it shows 11.7volts. this should be enough voltage to start it right? anyone have any imput?
  8. Mats Baribeau Fan Packages! This is an awesome design by Jon Chase of DSTROYR made exclusively for Mats Baribeau and his Gold in the Net : Drift Team fans!!! All proceeds from these package will be put towards our 2012 Drift season. The cost for each package is $25 including shipping to any Canadian address and will include: a “Baribeau x DSTROYR” Tshirt of your size, a Gold in the Net rubber wrist band and a sticker. We are currently taking pre-orders as the shirts are scheduled to arrive April 11th. Send paypal payment to baribeau_30@hotmail.com so secure your shirt/fan package today to guarantee your t shirt size! Be sure to supply us with t shirt sizing and shipping address. If you live outside of Canada, email us at baribeau_30@hotmail.com or mats@goldinthenet.com for a shipping quote. Here is the post on our website: http://www.matsbarib...irt-fundraiser/
  9. off the top of my head i want to say 53/47
  10. 2800lbs full of fluids which includes 60Liters of fuel.
  11. what size tires you running ? whats your car weigh?
  12. practice lap from DTN at St Eustache May 26. Unfortunately two laps later we had our steering rack fail on us.
  13. Mats

    JZX90 1jz for sale

    pm me if this thing is still available. Might have a guy in Ottawa interested in it.
  14. Alright guys, only got a couple of these left. pm to see if your size is still available. **** NEW PRICE $25 shipped ****
  15. here is another onboard video from monday. www.youtube.com/watch?v=XSlo_7C0Ank
  16. yes thats me and Pat Cyr in the video. I will not be at Capital City. I might go watch but am not driving.
  17. Mats

    jzx100 lsd

    TRD....... close thread.
  18. well I haven't updated this in a while. Just came back from testing today at Shannonville. Check out my website for video. http://www.matsbaribeau.com/topp-drift-day-at-shannonville-may-21-2012/
  19. alrighty guys, still got a couple left. If anyone else is interested in one let me know. For everyone that has purchased one, it has been greatly appreciated!
  20. I just wanted to thank everyone from JZXP that has bought one so far! Thanks for the support guys, it means a lot!
  21. lol. ill go with A and B. C is creepy lol