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  1. Mats

    JZXProject.com Vinyl

    Bill ill contact you most likely tomorrow night for the stickers.... maybe ill just get another color. and yeah ill pick up that banner at the same time and hopefully get some jzxp stickers at the same time.
  2. Mats

    JZXProject.com Vinyl

    Bill you think youd be able to get blue chrome?
  3. tks guys..... anyone recommend a certain brand of swaybar end links? any good sites? this JZx stuff is somewhat new to me.
  4. Bill what year you think? something like 2003? ill go to local Toyota dealer next week and see what they can do.
  5. today i decided to jack it up and noticed the passenger side swaybar is not connected and is missing a peice. first 2 pics shows what its missing and the last shows what it should be on the driver side. anyone know if there are any other chassis that shares the same part?
  6. it all depends how much time you will spend off the limiter...... ive heard lots of good and lots of bad withh the Bee R limiter and came to the conclusion that no matter what limiter you have that being on hte limiter is hard on the engine and itll only take so much beating before calling it quits. not sure about 1J's but i know sr20's break the rocker arms withh the BeeR but the rb's seem to hold up. ive also read that if you adjust it to cut off harsh then it will do more harm faster compared to not hitting it as hard. to answer your question is cant see the rev limiter affecting the turbo(s) but i could be wrong.
  7. tks for the imput guys..... it was the same jdm battery that was in there when i bought it in may and no it wasnt changed over there. brought the batter yto partsource and they hooked me up withh a similar sized battery from a VW. the only difference is its 2 inches shorter in height but other than that its fine. put the new battery in and started up no problem. so seems like the batery was toast. i charged the battery for 2 hours this morning and after the 2 hour charge it was still showing 11.7volts and after 2 cranks it was dead. anyways everything seems good now! now for oil and oil filters..... for my sr i always use motul 300v oil and oem filter. is the oem filter the one to go for withh a 1jz as well? what thickness oil you guys running? keep in mind itll be a DD and will not see freezing temps. i might bring it to the track once or twice a year. i was tihnking running 15w40 but just not sure if it would be too thick for a 1j. anyways i will do some research on that later on today.
  8. tks projexxx so basically your telling me its most likely the battery that doesnt have enough juice to crank it over right? i plan on doing all the work that you mentioned above. anybody know how much voltage the battery should have when hte key is turned over? and how much when im turning over the ignition? also what kind of cca should i be looking for if going to get a new battery? as i doub tthe local store will stock a jzx90 battery lol
  9. Mats

    X pics only!!!!

    finally got it home! car was purchased in May and today i finally received it from shipping. what a day! such a nice car to drive! also the rear lip was damaged during shipping so i didnt bother installing it...ill fix it soon.
  10. GLWS Bill, that thing would be perfect for track car and looks like there is plenty of room for more gauges as well in there!
  11. WOW car sounds FREAKING SICK!!! cant wait to get my jzx 90!!!! 10 days left its on the train! just a little tip..... put it in third and try to be a little more aggressive on the initiations. other than that keep up the great work!
  12. Mats

    Skylar pass

    the squid is a good guy! i know him from zilvia and his site VRT.
  13. Mats

    Basic single for failing CT12's

    wow Bill you took the $1500 kit didnt you? once you get it running will you please take me for a rip as i was thinking of the same kit for my jzx90
  14. Mats

    $1500 Driftmotion turbo kit improvements!!!

    wow!!! now this is direct bolt on for 1jz right? do you for see any clearence issues on a jzx90 mark II? and is this kit availabel now?
  15. Mats

    project jxe10

    wow that thing is looking awesome! keep up the great work!