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    BC Racing and my JZX90 at FDLB

    Thanks Bill! I can't wait to get back in the car in Atlanta! Glad to hear i made your day lol I might be biased but there is never enough JZX love in the videos Thanks dude!
  2. yeah unfortunately i only have last years shirts left in small. Everything else has been sold. Yeah shoot me an email and ill give you the discount code and the number for their high performance division and they will be able to suggest the best clutch for you power and driving goals
  3. Just wanted to bring this back to the top since I've been extremely busy the last couple months getting the car ready for FDLB. I can also get hookups on BC Racing Coilovers and Cosmis Wheels. Just trying to help you guys out whichever way i can! I don't have much free time to browse forums anymore so please email me directly for pricing or hit me up on Facebook. mats@goldinthenet.com facebook.com/MatsBaribeauDrift Also you guys have been awesome to me the last couple years so i just wanted to also put up a link to my online store which has my 2014 DSTROYR signature series shirt as well as some cool 4 door themed stickers for sale. 100% of the profits from the sales on my online store go towards funding the FD season to ensure our 1.5JZ powered JZX90 can kick the V8's asses! www.matsbaribeau.bigcartel.com Thanks again guys! you guys rock!
  4. shit sorry dude. next time you or your buddies need any hook ups, message me! It was nice meeting you at Mineral Wells!
  5. Onboard video with Mats Baribeau in the Gold in the Net : Drift Team JZX90 from Thursday practice at #FDIRW at the final round of Formula Drift.
  6. yeah irwindale was tough to do the big bank with our power level. Don't worry, next year we will have a new engine
  7. Here is our video from FD New Jersey made by Brian Casse recapping the first half of my rookie season in Formula Drift piloting the Gold in the Net JZX90 Mark II. We are also trying to make Texas and Irwindale a reality but we need your help! Please show your support by purchasing our official team shirt and/or stickers from our website www.matsbaribeau.com. 100% of proceeds are going to help fund our trip to Texas and Irwindale!
  8. FOR SALE!!! SPEC P-Trim Twin Disk Clutch System - Toyota 1JZGTE R154 5-Speed $1800!!!! Kit includes the clutch/pressure plate assembly, billet slave cylinder, master cylinder and alignment tool. NEW IN BOX, NEVER USED!!!!! Contact me if interested by email. mats@goldinthenet.com
  9. Mats

    Mats Baribeau | Formula Drift Recap

    Yeah im trying to get an online store setup on my website but having trouble to find the time to do it. Best thing is to email me and we can work out payment through EMT, PayPal or credit card #. Nice to meet you as well dude! Unfortunately i dont have a store up right now. Email me mats@goldinthenet.com and we can figure it out from there. PS: Thank you to every that has shown their support by purchasing tshirts/stickers!!! It is much appreciated!
  10. Mats

    1JZ Timing Belt

    Anyone know the part number for a 1JZ timing belt? Also is it the same as the 2JZ timing belt? i tried the search function o nthis site but doesnt seem to work all that great. is this the oem toyota part number for 1JZ timing belt? 13568-49025 Timing Belt
  11. FS: Apexi Power FC for JZA80 2jz gte. This will work on 1JZGTE as I had it working on my Formula Drift competition car. Comes with controller. $1200 obo. email me if interested. mats@goldinthenet.com or baribeau_30@hotmail.com
  12. Mats

    FS: 1JZ/R154 Stage 4 Bully Clutch

  13. Freshly rebuilt Bully Stage 4 unsprung clutch disc with freshly resurfaced/rebuilt pressure plate. $500 for 1JZ/R154 email me if interested. mats@goldinthenet.com
  14. Just wanted to share with you guys a practice lap during top 32 practice at Formula Drift Palm Beach. Be sure to follow me/us on Facebook. www.facebook.com/GITNDrift www.facebook.com/MatsBaribeauDrift
  15. luckily when im driving, I dont notice it as im busy looking at line and clipping points etc but yes, aesthetically it sucks! Definitely on the list of things to fix!
  16. I wish we had footage from outside to go with it but we were limited to 1 go pro for the event. That is until we won the drop cam award so for NJ we will have a new go pro 3 black edition to get even more awesome footage!
  17. Mats

    FS: 1JZ/R154 Stage 4 Bully Clutch

    back to the top! Someone please buy this so i can do the remainder of the Formula Drift Season.
  18. Mats

    FS: 1JZ/R154 SPEC Twin Plate Clutch

    back to the top! Someone please buy this so i can do the remainder of the Formula Drift Season.
  19. Mats

    X pics only!!!!

  20. thanks! Id love to make it out there! it was nice to meet you man and hang out! Thanks! tks man! That track was a blast to drive! tks for the link! awesome!!!
  21. its not looking good unless we get more funding.
  22. yes! that is the plan!