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  1. I thought id share this with you guys! Be sure to subscribe to my youtube channel if you want to see more videos.
  2. Mats

    [VIDEO] 850 HP 1.5JZ at Irwindale

    Tks dude! I have more videos that i will try and post up in the next couple weeks. You can order the hats directly through my online store. http://matsbaribeau.bigcartel.com Thank you! I am excited to show everyone our new car for 2015! Once its released on my Facebook page, ill end up sharing it on JZXP!
  3. Mats

    [VIDEO] 850 HP 1.5JZ at Irwindale

    Tks bro! Ive been working really hard at improving our program for 2015. Im really excited to hit long beach! I had some issues against the Aasbo run which gave him a big advantage. Unfortunately we had a rear calliper lose a bolt and was jammed up in the wheel/rotor for both runs which slowed us down. With that being said, with a car that works 100%, we are confident that we can battle with the top guys.
  4. Mats

    [VIDEO] 850 HP 1.5JZ at Irwindale

    awesome! We have lots of great content coming from the new build for 2015 Thanks! Im really looking forward to running their ecus in both cars BTW if anyone is looking for hookups on those ecu's, be sure to PM me. Im here to help you guys out and spread the love. anytime!! Just trying my best to get the x chassis cars known in the drift world!
  5. willing to sell/ship the wheels without tires.
  6. For Sale: Rays Gram Lights 57D-R GunMetal17x9 +12 and 18x9.5 +12 in 5x114.3. These wheels were just used for test fitting. Less than 5 kms driven on them and only one set of tires mounted. $1400 USD + shipping.
  7. Mats

    X pics only!!!!

  8. Riding shotgun in the Gold in the Net Toyota Mark II (JZX90) powered by a 1.5JZ engine with a Turbo by Garrett GTX4088r and Brian Crower internals at round 3 of the Formula Drift Pro Series in Miami (Homestead).
  9. Mats

    Apexi Power FC for JZX90/JZZ30 1JZ

    If this thing is still available, please PM me. I have a local buyer that has cash in hand for this.
  10. I will get some for FD Seatlle. Unfortunately FD is pretty strict on when and where GoPro camera's can be put on the car. We will try our best
  11. Sweet! looking forward to seeing you guy there! Be sure you come by the pits and say hi! BTW here are onboard footage of my top 32 runs vs Castro.
  12. Yeah the wheels are GREAT! The carbon helmets will be launched in a couple months. Yes the one i have and the ones that will be launched are going to be SA2010 and FIA rated with holes already made for a HANS. The one i am testing is extremely light and fits awesome!
  13. Alright guys, i have two wheels for sale. One is a 12.9 inch flat wheel (right) and the other is a 13.5 inch 3inch Deep Dish wheel (left). Both are suede and BRAND NEW! $160 USD + $20 shipped. for quicker response, email me mats@goldinthenet.com
  14. Bump.... I still have these available.
  15. A lap with the Gold in the Net JZX90 looking at the Figs Engineering Pro Angle kit in Miami for round two of the 2014 Formula Drift season. If anyone needs anything from Figs, be sure to PM me for discount code
  16. Just wanted to let everyone know that if you guys are looking at buying a new clutch, contact me through email (mats@goldinthenet.com) as i can get you steep discounts from Clutch Masters as well as hook ups on wiring harness' from Wiring Specialties. Just wanted to share my deals with the JZXP family.
  17. Mats

    A Lap around FD Atlanta

    Thank you for the support!
  18. Below is a quick teaser of our Official Formula Drift ‪Long Beach‬ video made by AMENIC7 that will be released tomorrow May 5th at noon EST on my‪ ‎YouTube‬ channel! Share the video if you like what you see!!!! Also Tshirts are now available on my online store. 100% of proceeds go towards the race team!
  19. yes i can do better than that. pm me or message me on Facebook. If on Facebook, be sure to tell me you are from JZXP.
  20. Hi guys, Here is a video from BC Racing Suspension from Formula Drift Long Beach. https://vimeo.com/92474820 For those interested in supporting the hustle, you can purchase my official team shirts and stickers from my online store www.matsbaribeau.bigcartel.com
  21. Mats

    BC Racing and my JZX90 at FDLB

    Mike is getting in mid afternoon thursday. Not sure if he will make thursday practice or not. He will be there friday and saturday. Make sure you swing by our pits and say hi (and buy a tshirt )