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  1. Hey guys, i posted it on Facebook but wanted to take the time and share it here for you guys as well. All Cosmis Wheels are 25% OFF this weekend only at IRaceAutoSports http://iraceautosports.com/shop/wheels/cosmis/
  2. Mats

    wtb 1jz good crank

    i have one kicking around. email me an offer. mats@iraceautosports.com
  3. You still have this JZX100 chaser front bumper? You happen to have the sides as well? Please email me pricing. I could possibly pick it up on my way to Irwindale... mats@iraceautosports.com
  4. Mats

    [VIDEO] onboard 850HP JZX90 at FDNJ

    Thats too bad cause we gave Aasbo a run for his money..... I totally forgot about the diff parts until sunday when we were leaving Englishtown With the rear mounted radiator, we've had to stiffen it up because of the extra weight back there. Currently running 9k's
  5. An onboard look at my second qualifying pass in the Gold in the Net Toyota Mark II JZX90 at Formula Drift New Jersey. If you guys enjoy watching our videos, be sure to like and share them! The support means a lot!
  6. Glad you got it! Thanks for the support! Let me know if you want more, i got lots left
  7. Thanks for the support! Ill get it out tomorrow and send you some cool swag as well with it
  8. Site has been updated so you can go ahead and purchase directly off of there. If not, pm me here or on Facebook.
  9. Yeah the DSTROYR hats were a hot item.... You are in luck! i did receive some XL and XXL shirts in Atlanta. I just haven't updated my website yet. Ill do that shortly
  10. Still have the Greddy Profec B Spec II left!
  11. Thought I'd share with you guys what Road Atlanta looks like from inside my JZX90.
  12. Gibbs, if you need fuel pumps, i can get you deals on Deatschwerks pumps Thats what i use in my FD car.
  13. Fuel pumps, FPR and fuel filter have been sold. Thanks guys!
  14. Ok guys, its that time of year to clean out the garage. 4x AEM 320lph fuel pumps used for 4 events and 1 dyno session. Part# 50-1000 SOLD SOLD Aero motive 13109 fuel pressure regular used for 3 seasons and comes with pressure gauge. SOLD Aeromotive fuel filter with -10an fittings. Used for 4 events. SOLD TRD shift knob. Good condition. $50usd shipped anywhere in North America. Used Greddy profec B Spec 2 boost controller with Boost control valve and wiring needed to hook it up. Works perfectly. $220usd shipped anywhere in North America. SOLD Used 1JZ non vvti igniter. Works fine. $100usd shipped anywhere in North America. If interested in anything, emailing me would get the quickest response. baribeau_30@hotmail.com