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  1. Deft

    ashy to classy! slow x8 (and x7 wagon)

    something about that last pic.... thumbsup:
  2. Deft

    steve's canada cressida

    wow...paint looks....good welcome!
  3. Deft

    X pics only!!!!

  4. Deft

    Ameen's cressida

    good story, sweet video.
  5. Deft

    JZXpwns' white X8

    nice! Curious...what spoiler is that?
  6. Deft


    agree looks like them....Z32 16"
  7. Deft

    extended wheel studs?

    I'll just post this here because I finally got around to getting longer studs and they seem to work great. Studs are ARP 100-7715 found here. 12mm x 1.5 and 2.6" long. Right now I have a 15mm spacer with open ended lugnuts and it fits good with way more than enough thread engagement. Maybe a 20mm spacer is the max you can run, not sure.
  8. Deft

    Weekend Hero

    Hope you get it fixed soon man, car looks sick!
  9. Deft

    X pics only!!!!

  10. Deft

    Toyota key blanks

    Got them yesterday, thanks!
  11. Deft

    1989 2J cressida

    looking good!
  12. Deft

    Toyota key blanks

    Money sent!
  13. Deft

    Toyota key blanks