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  1. This was at a couple of tracks, was at Penticton Speedway in Penticton BC, then Stratotech Park in Ft Sask Alberta, and Castrol Raceway in Edmonton AB
  2. Well as you would of seen in my other thread my Blue 1992 Toyota Chaser got wrecked in Calgary in September with a crash against a GTO Bought a new Chaser (non turbo auto 1993 X90) for a steal of a deal Started to rip apart the blue one and pull the motor The Fcon wiring was very interesting once I got into it Pulled the motor last Thursday as I`ve been too beat up to work on it till now Then yesterday I pulled the doors off, trunk lid, interior, seats etc, and all wiring from the sides and rear of the car Next on the list, get dash wiring out, clutch pedal, e-brake, then move on to suspension components etc. I`ll keep you updated
  3. Alright, so after fucking my car up in August last year, I didn't wanna post anymore photos because it looked like shit, all dented and fucked on the driver side. Here it is in my garage with my friends X100 I have there for winter storage, sitting on some Volks for winter storage. I hammered out the dent a little bit, but wasn't that fixed So I picked up a Port O Power hydralic press or whatever ya wanna call it, and pushed out the B-pillar with it My buddy Gary did a little hammering on the door from the wheel mark And this was the end result
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    X pics only!!!!

    When I'm on vacation I just like to daily my JZX to the beach, Maybe drift it a bit here and there
  5. So I just spent the last almost 2 weeks in BC, Unloaded my car in Penticton and had to take it to the beach with the tubes for floating down the channel, Did some drifting Door bashing More drifting Another Podium!!!!!!!! 3RD Place and $500 cash And drove home Also jumped some golf carts, did some boating, wakeboarding, lots of drinking, went to an American Wal-Mart and spent $200 on booze, was a good time!
  6. Check it out I'm on the news!!!! http://globalnews.ca/video/731407/drift-racing This past weekend was Round 3 of the Drift West Professional Championship at Stratotech Park in Fort Saskatchewan Alberta. The track was super fast, the weather was amazing, and I got tons of media exposure! Also got interviewed on CBC News and a radio station! Went out on Thursday to do some testing at Stratotech, before everyone else got out there, was tons of fun, had a RC helicopter doing some filming! Left my car at the track over the next 2 days, so just had to tow out the couch, bbq, tools, etc, Spencer kept his car in my yard for the weekend. Got the pits set up with the Clarion Demo car Had some good crowds out for the day The course starter with going up over a blind corner at the top of 3rd, throwing it sideways and staying on the throttle into a large right sweeper Did some interviews Qualified 8th, and went up against my friend Norm in top 16, after a One More Time I beat him out But during my last run, i broke my axle going off track, so before my top 8 battle, we needed to get the car repaired, and I had no axles kicking around, so we asked Spencer Hogg, and he let me borrow the left axle out of his JZX100 Chaser!! The team worked their ass off and we got it swapped and I was back out on track in about 20min, ready to battle Aaron Day in his LS3 240sx, I busted my ass, but had some slight issues the very end of the course and he had the slight advantage and moved on to top 4, he actually won the event.
  7. Alrighty, so here's the update from this past weekend in Regina SK. The week started out in Edmonton on Thursday night when we went out to Drift West's practice night at Castrol Raceway, and started having some major steering issues (stemming from the wall hit). This was the max angle right, I had full steer left So after messing around with the tie rods a bit, we saw the sub frame was bent pretty bad. So luckily I still had a spare front sub frame at home. We needed to leave for Regina SK 800km away the next day so that night we went to my house and started swapping the sub frame. Got it out and swapped over by about 3 am, After some minor tweaking in the morning to the alignment, we had much more steering angle to the car, so we loaded up and hit the road for flat Saskatchewan. We took my buddies 07 Cummins to save some money on fuel. I even brought a spare diff this time! The drive was very uneventful, and flat, and lots of these haha We got there and had a couple runs but soon realized that I had no power steering on Saturday morning, the pump just had no pressure. I just thought great. Was also having some major shoulder/elbow issues from my accident so it was making it even harder to drive. We called around to every parts store, dealership, anything that was open on the Saturday for a power steering pump for a LS1, a Camaro, Firebird, or GTO, and there was NOTHING available anywhere in Saskatchewan! I was just like shit, I'm hooped for finding one, so we took a couple more runs then decided to pull it off and see if maybe we could rebuild it. During my runs we got a hold of a pump in Calgary Alberta for like $80, only thing is, thats 800km away!!!!! So right then my sister left Regina to head towards Calgary, and my friend Rob left Calgary with the pump to deliver it to me, they met halfway on the highway, exchanged the pump and had it back to Regina by Midnight! So I came back from the bar and the pump was sitting in my buddies truck at the hotel!! Then Sunday morning we got the new pump installed and before the morning drivers meeting we had the car ready to rock with power steering again!!!!!!!!! Went out and the car was working awesome, it was a large oval track with no infield, was a rolling start to a left turn, to manji, to left turn to finish. Track was super fun, and very quick. Got a bunch of runs in during the morning. But then with 45 min to go till qualifying, on the final corner i felt a wheel wobble and heard a snap, I lost all control of my right wheel!!! After we limped it back to the pits, found that one of the bolts securing the knuckle in place to the hub loosened off and snapped. So my buddy Kevin and I got working on the car, and had the bolt out and replaced just in time for qualifying!!! I got out to qualifying just in time, and laid down two sold runs securing me a 5th place qualification spot, and putting me in a bye run for top 16 and setting me against Devin in his 1UZ Corolla. I beat him out in top 8, moving to top 4. I then went up against my buddy Andrew in his Advan FD RX7 and he narrowly beat me out, putting me up against Norm Burwash in his Sherwood Nissan 240sx, who after two solid runs I beat out leaving me with a 3rd place finish and my first podium ever! Limited pics for right now, waiting on more pics from the event. And my new T-Shirts are available: (in white or black) Help support our drifting!! $20 picked up in Edmonton or at an event $25 shipped in Canada $30 shipped to the USA
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    My progress with the old panic attack ride

    What did you make them out of? My car is looking like shit on my front fenders
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    Sorry its been awhile!

    You probably spent too much time in Canada you wanted to stay didn't you?
  10. Top 8 battle against Devin Horsely Top 4 battle no pics yet against Andrew Moschuk Then my battle for 3rd with Norm Burwash Podium Burn outs!
  11. I'll just leave this here: More posts to come going over the weekend, got 3rd this weekend, my first podium ever!!! 1st Aaron Day (LS3 240sx) 2nd Andrew Moschuk (350whp FD3S) 3rd Shawn Hawley (LS1 Chaser) At Drift West Round Two in Saskatchewan, was a crazy time getting to where we were, had to have a power steering pump delivered 800km because no where in Saskatchewan had a power steering pump for a LS1, for a Camaro or GTO or anything!!!!
  12. Bought this car on Sunday when I was in a bind at the track, blew my diff and needed a diff, this car was for sale so I went and picked it up, because I also needed some front suspension parts the I broke hitting the wall the day before. Anyways, Parting out JZX90 Cresta 1996 Tourer V 1JZ-GTE - Auto 30,000km on it (sold/pending sale ) Blue Interior Back left suspension arms are mangled, he hit a curb doing something, Anyways, right now it's in my garage and so far I'm just gonna be parting the entire car. Parts that are taken already me: -Front & rear sub frames -All suspension arms/components -Diff -Axles The rest is up for grabs, located in Edmonton Alberta Canada, would like to sell the 1JZ-GTE Auto locally, or local pick up. Will start ripping this thing apart this week shawleymedia (at) g m a i l (dot) com
  13. Parts list below It's a 1996 JZX90 Toyota Cresta Tourer V Has something like 30,000km on it +/- The parts that are not for sale or are already sold are: -1JZ-GTE with Auto transmission (Sold) -Wheels (Sold) -Front/rear sub frames with all suspension/steering components (keeping for spares) -Front end: head lights, hood, bumper, fenders, support (keeping for spares) Everything else is for sale right now: -Factory Aero kit -Anything from the interior, it is in mint condition -Sun roof assembly -Tail lights -Entire shell/chassis (not rolling) -Glass from vehicle -Doors -Rear bumper -Trunk lid -Interior parts from trunk -Anything else really Started taking the car apart last night
  14. Hahaha umm I would but I have no idea when I'll have time to drive down there...... I don't ever get more than one day off at a time from work. Or how I would do it? 1JZ sold/pending sale with deposit till engine is pulled out
  15. Well this weekend had some major issues at Drift West Round 1 Weekend started out Saturday morning, at the track, got the booth/pits set up awesome, sold a few shirts, had a Clarion demo car on display Signed some autographs for a bunch of kids We were supposed to be on track at 9:30 and then again at 1:30 then again at 6:00, but they switched it so the Am's had the track all day, and we got on at 5:00-5:30, and the track was super greasy, first 2 guys to go just took it easy, I made the mistake and just gaver like last year and threw the car, I ended up slamming right into the wall, spun around clockwise up into the bank and mangled my wheel, broke a control arm, and bent my tie rods. I rushed home after the car was towed back to the pits and I grabbed a bin of spare parts and raced back to see my team and friends having my car ripped apart and found we could get back onto the track! Thanks to Ryan, Alex, Shelby, and Shaun. They got the car back together and I was back on the track with in 2 hours of hitting the wall, got 3 decent runs in then practice was over. The bank was super slippery and everyone was spinning and hitting the wall. Then the next morning we go out onto the track again, just as I was about to go, I launched my car and it wheel hopped and blew the diff........ again! So I thought my day was done, I loaded up my car and was done with it, then after doing a quick Kijiji search, found a Tourer V X90 Cresta for sale for cheap, so I left my Chaser to the team to pull the diff and took off with the trailer to get this Cresta! Picked the car up on the other side of Edmonton, then took it back to the track and we pulled the diff out and swapped it into my Chaser and were back on the track with 5 min to spare before qualifying Sadly the diff ended up being a fully open diff, and just would not get it to slide enough, had a decent practice run and two bad qualifying runs. All in all the weekend was pretty bad, we had 25+ drivers to start off, and 8-10 of us hit the wall hard enough to require major repairs. The track was brand new, and just supper slippery, and everyone was having traction issues, out of the 25+ cars only 10 cars made top 16........... Now I dropped the Cresta off at my house And it's time to part it out, sell the 1JZ, build two diffs so I have a spare and then weld another just so I have an extra one. And replace my broken control arms and get the body straight again.
  16. Front practice last night, car rips
  17. Alright here's a bit of an update with whats going on, we have Round 1 of our Drift West Series coming up this weekend so over the last couple weeks been pretty busy! Back in April had my Birthday at a local bar Union Hall who now sponsors me this season, were having a party there after each Edmonton round, so I had my car on display out front for the first round. Gotta love the rice! Goes great with the strobes, come on it's a drift car haha Got it on the dyno that week too, Thanks to Moretto Motorsportz, got it tuned and all set up, 378 on a mustang dyno The following weekend my car was on display at Car Audio Gone Wild, the largest car audio sale in Canada And when it was there the boys from Clarion showed up, with some photos of an RC Chaser drift car they did up looking the same as my Chaser! Then after the event, went to do a burn out and blew my diff up, had some brake issues cus stuff wasn't bled properly, and just a bunch of BS, blame ASD cus they powder coated the INSIDE of the WIlwood cylinder causing it not to release. So luckily I just bought a new trailer that morning, so we loaded it up and took it home Pulled the diff apart and BOOM check it out! But thanks to Gordo for emailing me and letting me know that IS300 diffs are the same, so tracked one down from a local wrecker from a buddy for $200 Then thanks to my buddy Ryan at Moretto Motorsportz for getting the diff swapped over, and everything fixed inside it. Then got the car done and ready to go to Calgary to the Driven Show! Talked with a ton of people, had a great time there, for a car show! Even won a fancy trophy! Best of Show for Track Prep! After the show went out crusing around with Alex Lee, he had his buddies car, but sure was funny when he tried to drive my Chaser!!! hahahaha I'm one big dude, and he doesn't really fit Then took the Chaser out last night for some testing!!! Car was working awesome, besides the shifter, had some issues the hurst one in the heat, so swapped to factory and it was good just really loose. Anyways, I'll test it out some more Thursday, then onto the Castrol Raceway roadcourse!!
  18. I might buy a 2nd one from them, after I make this work. Probably just gonna order a TRD 2way for it. Suggestions on best 2way to go with? I never research this shit, I normally just click and buy haha
  19. Thanks for the e-mail gordo!! I found one locally at an auto wrecker a friend is at, $200 for the diff, with like 46k on it, factory LSD. Wonder if I should try to run the factory LSD for a bit, dunno if i can track down a 2way in time. So the pumpkin is the same Gordo? and like everything, mounts, axle's(how they bolt up), and everything
  20. NEEDED a JZX90 JZX100 2-way diff, with pumpkin ASAP I blew mine up, I have an event on May 18th/19th, and need to find something asap. Anyone have anything laying around they know will work? please let me know ASAP! Thanks, Please e-mail shawleymedia (at) gmail DOT com
  21. Picked up my buddies D-max and took my car to the exhaust shop, needed a proper exhaust, better than last year Then while it was there took the truck and trailer to pick up some of my tires for the year, 42 of them so far, budgeting for 50 +/- Achilles ATR Sport 265/35/R18 Then for the exhaust, I didn't wanna go with some Flowmaster muffler or anything like that so, we grabbed the muffler off my buddies old JZX81 MarkII, it was sitting in the back of my buddies shop for 2 years unused, so I snagged it for free haha They kept the dual 3" back from the headers, but added some more hangers, then did a Y pipe to i think 3.5 to this 4+ outlet Now it need an alignment, then a tune, finish off the hydro and it should be ready to go! Needed to change the plugs last night too, then fired up on my street at 10:00pm (my neighbors love that I'm moving) https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=10151421087558152&l=572295995097114373
  22. https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=10151412416693152&l=523901828215817080 First start up